Irritated but not Angry

A thousand people or so in life

I have met as of yet

And few have caused me problems

For there are few that I will let

I try to be loving

To care for others and such

But even I must confess

Sometimes this is too much

Some friends I thought I'd made

Were once a little cruel

But they made mistakes in judging me, for

I'm not twice taken as a fool

For really they are stupid

To think I could ever care

There are millions of people on this good earth

So ditch me if you dare

You're expendable, you know

I'm not being arrogant or cold

After all, we're all the same

We all die when we get old.

Another time that wasn't so very long ago

I happened upon a queen

She sat upon an icy thrown

Of smiles, lies, and dreams

She thought she could destroy me

Maybe pierce my marble skin

But instead I simply laughed

And since, she's never been

Her security was smoke and mirrors

That vanished in the end

All her hopes, dreams, and fears

Took mere seconds to bend

For my hands may be brittle

And my frame sick, small, and bare

But I don't waste time on people

Who can be replaced without a care

So if these meat sacks have you down

If the world seems hard and vicious

Just keep this phrase set in your mind:

Maggots find them all delicious!