Fiction Society Plus

The do's, dont's, and intriguing aspects of fiction analysed and uncovered. For the writer, reader, critic, and any alike. Opinion needed – don't just read and review!

What do you do as writer? Do you simply sit there and wait (write)? What do you do as a reader?

I like to enjoy reading and writing and not to make such a big deal out of it. Perhaps that's why I am not a critic. I can tell you how I felt about it, likes and dislikes, what was good and bad, and everything else, but I can't:-

Page 271 second paragraph down, the author uses a brilliant technique to convey this idea of the century.


Opinions are what matters – how people feel and what they've gained from the journey or the quest into the piece. It's not science that we're dealing with. There is no need for discrete and analytic data. This is creativity.


Throughout my life, I've been watching television, movies, anime, cartoon and an assorted variety of genres. I've read novels, poems, manga, comics and everything else. But, for all, don't be scared. I'm not going to start off my throwing out my degrees and titles to try to act omnipotent like those so-called bibles or whatever teach-yourself stuff out there.

The difference is:-

I stand as one of you that's been through everything and was into a particular scene and would have said, "Oh now I guessed this would happen" or "This is so wrong".

I've been someone that can by now guess what can happen next in a scene after getting into a bit of the story – that is if it is the plain old typical stuff, which sadly still happens a lot. By now, I hope you would have said, "Put some creativity into it would you!"

If listening to my experiences alone will be subjective, in order to bring objectiveness, I've begun asking people around me, and hence I need your opinion to make this a collection of the good and bad and interesting aspects of creativity today, the past, and hopefully create a better feature.

For the writer:

Who would want history to repeat itself? We would like to learn from our mistakes. Perhaps, it'll affect what you write in the future.

For the reader:

Know what you're reading and no what's going on. Don't read blinded, but be a power reader.

For everyone else:

Find out!

Finally, I'll use personal experiences, short stories or fragments to make the point and hence the fiction side of this instead of using real world examples, as that would not be me.

Send them in now. Letters to the editor. Send them in.

That's me!