Exercise #1 in the Tabatha Yeatts Summer Writing Contest (someone who you thought was good is actually bad or is thought to be bad and is actually good). Inspired to the picture, "Oracle in the Orchid."

Conspiracy Theory

little boy
dreamed and dreamed
to grow up to be
the scum of the earth.

little girl
dreamed and dreamed
to grow up to be
a tree-hugger.

fast forward to the future:
their parents so proud
of the little lawyer boy
and their botanist baby,
so cute.

the little lawyer boy
trying cases and winning
(happiness may be priceless,
but the pursuit comes with a heavy price tag),
making the world
a more politically correct place to live.

their botanist baby
growing plants and winning:
not at tomatoes,
but at genetically engineered hybrids.
these plants have a bite
(warning: 35 percent mortality rate)
you'll not soon forget.

whose idea was it
to cross the oracle with an orchid?

parents so proud...
the little lawyer boy,
sitting in the lap of luxury
while their botanist baby
makes all-natural bioweapons
in a government-funded lab
that doesn't technically exist
(mind your head in the lobotomy chamber).

they'd never have thought
the real bad guy
would end up being
their botanist baby.