Are We Ready to Give In?


Are we ready to open up this castle
Where, whenever we please, will come to each other's sight
And never no more stay hidden behind dark bold pillars
Or in a locked room with no key
Is the castle ready?

Are we ready to walk through this hallway
For sweet innocence to roam around
And laughter haunting the long walls
Instead of the crying screams
Lurking around each step and breath
Is this hallway ready?

Are we ready to enter this room
Where parleys of anything will be said and heard
While pranks slip in front once again more
Where, once before, only our burning eyes would speak
And if the elusion of a word were caught
The other would look about as if there were none-existent
Is this room ready?

Are we ready to bravely accept each other
To lock eyes without having to glance away?
When walking juxtaposedly, laugh at all that's happened
And when we'll talk, it'll be about nothing, yet everything?
Will we see each other as the past or something new
Are these two people ready?

Are the hearts ready to open through and bravely enter?
To not carry on the earnest spirit of memories
While never a thought should land about our past hurts
And not to again lock each other out?
What we had hoped is to give our souls another chance
Are these hearts ready
To forget the troubling shared past
And start anew?

Is the future ready for us?