A/N: I feel kinda embarress putting this up here because of the history of this and knowing that a STALKER keeps reading all my poems, but the figurative language, I thought, was pretty neat here and the rhyming took a while for me. Please leave comments!

Golden Wings

March 7, 2006

These golden wings of mine
Have left and flown away
I still hope they'll return to my shrine
It'll happen now…any day

But my wings have forever left
And flew, hiding from my heart
Did they willingly or was it theft?
Why has my phoenix and I apart?

You promised I was forever a fairy
And you'd be my phoenix-my golden wings
But now you say this is unnecessary
How I was just your plaything

You called me a sword
Glittering in loved ones' blood
How our love to you was no reward
And wish I'd disappear in a savage flood

My gold wings has now flown
So far, I can not reach
Seems to me, you've planned, you've know
The exact was how to ruin this silent leech

I thought you'd never lie
And I believed what you said of me
Smiles would sob, and my screams would cry
Lost in thought, shoving death into the street