Chapter 1: Hello England

In Western South Africa lived a family called Reenboog. This big family contained Mrs. Velvet Reenboog, Mr. Ruby Reenboog and their children. Their names, listed in order of oldest to youngest, were Hunter; Matt; Kacey; Gabe; Tiris; Erin and Danielle. However this story shall revolve on Tiris Moon Reenboog.

Here's some detail. Tiris had these emerald sea green eyes and midnight black hair. She was quite beautiful, of course she never really believed that.9

Tiris Reenboog was quite a strange one. It seemed daydreaming and sleeping were her favourite hobbies. She favoured all colours, even black and grey. She loved music. Well…Straight to the point. She was drawn to darkness. Now I don't mean evil dark, she was closely religious and would often speak of her God, but I mean in a sense of…oh how to describe it. She favoured the night over day. Moon over Sun. Y'know that sort of thing.

One thing I can tell you about this Tiris was that she was a proud South African. When asked to stop talking about her heritage she would say, "You can never be too proud of your country, but I can try!"

Now this takes place January 28th 2006. As Tiris's school day was coming to a close, she received something most concerning. Her teacher, Mr. Spitwit, rang the class bell for an announcement.

"My children, I would like to inform you that our class mate, Tiris Reenboog, shall be leaving us at the end of March. That is all." Well this certainly startled Tiris. She wasn't leaving. Was she?

After the school bell, stating that school was over, Tiris made the short journey home. When she got home, she was greeted by her younger sisters.

"Hey Tiris. What's up?!" Asked Erin. Erin had blonde hair and sky blue eyes. Danielle ran up next to her. She had red hair and dark blue eyes.

"Are we moving?"

Erin and Danielle just stared at her.

"Never Mind!" and with that she ran into the house.

The day went the way it usually did. greet the parents, watch TV (She REALLY LOVED Cyborg 009), do homework, eat and then talk to her older brothers.

Now Hunter, Matt, Kacey and Gabe were quite cool brothers. Always there to lend a hand. So she knew she could talk to them.

"Hey guys! Are we moving?" Hunter and Matt looked at her.

"I don't think so! Why?" Hunter asked.

"Well, because of this annoucement at my school! Hey Matt, you ok? You seem a little down."

Matt sighed. "I overheard mom and dad and asked them. We moving about the end of March. Sorry guys!"

This gave everyone in the room a shock.

"But why now?"

"Dad was offered a career that invovled us moving to England."

"Ah MAN! I JUST asked Anitas to be my girlfriend!" Cried Gabe.

Kacey smirked. "No wonder she said no!"

Everyone laughed. Anitas Aly was one of five girls that resisted Gabe Reenboog's charm. The others were Claire How, Joy Aren, Tanita Show and Amia Joy. ANYWAY! Matt, Hunter, Gabe and Kacey all hugged Tiris and threw her out their room.

Tiris went to bed unhappy. She loved South Africa. Why did she have to leave her happy and beautiful home.

"Flight Brittish Airways 76501 now boarding. Flight Brittish Airways 76501 now boarding." Tiris looked out the window.

'Bye South Africa. I'll really miss you!' She thought as the plane took off. Away from South Africa. Tiris' gaze lingered on South Africa for as long as it could. Then, she saw her beloved South Africa no more.

"Well now! Everyone, meet our new home!" Currently the family stood infront of a medium sized house on Baker Street. Tiris had to admit, it was okay.

They went in and settled everything in. Each child, except for Erin and Danielle, got their own room. Erin and Danielle had to have a room.

Tiris finished setting up her room and fell down on her bed. So far, so good but...she greatly missed South Africa. She got up and walked up to the window and stared out.

"ah well. Just a few more years and then I can go back home." She said with a smile forming upon her lips.

Just then, she noticed a young boy walking down the street in front of her house. Why she noticed him? She hadn't a clue, though as she leaned closer to the window, she noticed his expression was withdrawn. Upset.

'I wonder who he is?' she thought.

"TIRIS! FOOD'S READY!" yelled Erin and Danielle. Snapping Tiris out of her stare. She blinked and turned her head.

"COMING!" She called. Turning her head back again, she noticed the boy was gone. "of course he's gone you idiot! It's not like you know the guy!" Tiris told herself.

Still, who could it be?