Diary Entry:

Arranged Marriage. These were the most dreaded words of the middle ages. Or at least that's what I thought. Now they have become the most dreaded words in my vocabulary. I always thought my dad was a little old fashioned; but I never thought it would go this far.

I mean come on, this is the 21 first century people! And I am only 17. I get that people in the middle ages had arranged marriages for the wealth or to settle a peace between two countries. But what war am I going to settle? The war in Iraq?! Jesus I hope not. That is not even funny. Oh, I think I might cry. I don't need to rule a country to feel fulfilled; thank you very much! Not that I am a princess mind you. My life is already complicated enough.

Take today for example. I have and SAT math test tomorrow that I have not studied for and will not get to study for, because my book and notebook mysteriously disappeared. I am pretty sure that I brought them with me from my dad's job because I remember that I had my trapper and the books; but apparently, I must have placed them on the roof of the car, or something; highly unlikely I can't be that forgetful. Can't I get a break! After all, I am almost failing the 'elective'.

Like if that was not enough I lost my free choice portfolio with all the other books that I oh so conveniently lost! Please tell me that you noticed my sarcasm. Which means that I have to rewrite the whole portfolio because most of it was written long hand! And top it all off, my dad chose today the day of my birthday to… drum roll please!... about the arranged marriage.

I don't know what to do! I mean we are in the twenty first century are we not?! Nobody and I repeat NOBODY does this anymore. All I know is that he is a man, and not just any man!, No he is SUPER MAN!. Ha Ha, Ok well yes he is a guy, it would be pretty FREAKY if it was not a guy. I mean… WHOA, lets not even go down that road. Oops I am rambling again, aren't I?

Well my mystery guy is Italian, his father is my dad's best friend, which I have never met. Gee I wonder why? Well anyway I have to stop writing know my hand is tired. You think I would be used to writing long hand but alas I am not. And I still somehow need to manage to 'study' for the SAT math test.

Good Night!