The Tragedy of Shicone Tamia

The hall was a sea of colours and waves. The village of Eniga held a beautiful masked ball to give the people of Ella and Char hope and peace. The two kingdoms were at war over the most stupid thing. The Shicone Tamia. A stone that gave the person closest to it, their most secret desire.

Among the guests was Ella's princess, Melek. Troubled was she of the war and of the ball. The reasons were obvious for the war. However, she had not danced in years, forgetting the feel of it. Her most loyal and trusted servant, Kgom, had convinced her that it would do no one harm to join in.

She stared helplessly at the graceful figures dancing in absolute bliss.

She sighed. "Stupid stone. Ella and Char would have been fine if it wasn't for that... thing!"

"I agree. The kingdoms would be much better off." A musical voice spoke. She slowly turned to meet a pair of beautiful amber eyes. She now faced a young man wearing a blood red mask.

"Who...might you be?"

The gentleman smiled, "If this is a masked ball, that question is usually not asked.

"My apologies. I have not been in any balls for a long time."

His smile widened a bit, "Neither have I."

Suddenly his hand lay in front of her. "May I have the pleasure?"

She stared at the hand through her lavender mask. Then turned her head.

"I must decline. I shall hurt your feet."

"Then I'll do my best to avoid yours."

Melek smiled and took his hand. He led her to the middle of the room and they began to dance and dance and dance and dance.

It seemed like hours they had been dancing.

'What is this I feel?' Melek thought. 'It can't be love. So soon?'

"Prince Ladon!" An elderly man cried rushing towards the couple. The princess jumped back. She... and the prince of Char...Uh Oh! Before Ladon could explain, Princess Melek was gone.

He found her in the garden of dreams. In tears. He walked up slowly and knelt in front of her. She froze and met his anguished gaze.

"So you're..." He nodded. It hurt him deeply and more than it should to see her like this.

"Please, don't let that stop our relationship." He begged.

"What relationship? It would've been much better if we'd never met at all!" She cried.

"But I love you, Princess Melek." Her eyes nearly popped out. "Do you hate me?

"NO!" She yelled. "How can I when I...I..."

'I can't!' She thought 'I just can't!'

"I can't! Please forget about your feelings for me! PLEASE!"

He stubbornly grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close. "You love me don't you?" She nodded her head.

"We can make it work! I promise!"

"You make it sound so easy Ladon."

"We'll work something out with our kingdoms, please!"

Then Melek noticed that Ladon's lips were close to hers. Way too close. Then their lips met. For them it seemed eternity, in reality, it was a mere ten seconds.

"Okay. I'll give us a chance!" Melek whispered softly.

"Thank you Melek! You won't regret it!" And she never did.

Together, they brought peace to Ella and Char and soon the Shicone Tamia was forgotten. Though, unknowingly, the future King and Queen of Elchar owed it something. For you see it granted their most secret desire.

Its demise.

As for Melek and Ladon? Well, we all know there's no such thing as happily ever after, but their world wasn't real now was it?

Maybe, who knows, in some distant reality, happy endings do exist.