My, myself, and I

I wear clothes no one wants

I shop at thrift stores

I have black nail polish on.

I have long brown hair with blond in it.

I'm short but that's ok,

That's only the outside of me.

On the inside is different

I cry myself to sleep,

I don't love cuz I am broken

I sit in my room while everyone plays

I take myself away from the world

And I don't trust anyone.

The outside is nice and warm

While the inside

Dies with every touch

I cant make it better

I cant make it worse

Al I can do is hope.

Hope that one day soon

Some one will come

And teach me the meaning of love

Teach me how to feel

And show me that I can sleep

Even without tears.

But until then I sit here crying


And torn apart from the world

I sit here waiting till that time

When I no longer have to hold myself

Were I can to loved!