Chapter 2: She who entered

It was a normal day on the island. Mato and Ericko had managed to see Mage Yaerin that day and they had been walking through the sea-side part of the island. They had been discussing things out of the ordinary and all that jazz when Ericko's chain began to glow. Mage Yaerin and Mato looked at the chain wide eyed. Ericko just looked at it. Then the Darkzin's horn blew. That meant that someone or something, which was not from there, was approaching.

Ericko, Mato and Mage Yaerin ran to the docks and saw a ship. On the Bow there was a figure of a woman. It was huge. All the Darkzins watched.

"What do you think it is?" Ericko asked Mage Yaerin. Mage Yaerin closed his eyes and his bronze chain began to glow. He shot his eyes open.

"Pirates." He said.

"What in Phoenix breath are those?" Mato asked.

"The fact that they steal is all you need to know right now Mato…" Mage Yaerin trailed off as his chain showed him something else. His eyes were filled with fear.

"Well they are not gonna steal from this island!" Ericko said. Quite sure that he would send them crying. Mage Yaerin stood still in trance. Mato noticed this.

"Mage Yaerin, what troubles you?"

"There's a…young child there!"

Ericko looked him. "You mean they steal children?! More the reason to kill them!" Yup. Ericko had a bit of soft spot for children.

"No Ericko. Not just any child that I see. A young…girl."

Ericko and Mato stopped dead in their tracks. A young girl?

Meanwhile on the ship the pirates were getting ready for the arrival. At the top of the Crow's Nest stood the young girl Mage Yaerin had sensed. Her curly hair was golden brown and at her waist. Her eyes were a sea-green col…no wait. Now it was yellow, now red, now blue, now…yes her iris changed colour all the time.

The captain came right below her.

"Yer sure ye wan' go te this here island Miss?" He asked. He had heard about the Darkzins and didn't think that this was a good idea.

"I'm sure Captain Frodo." She said simply without even looking down. She had a mission to do and the Darkzin race was her only choice at the moment. Suddenly, the necklace she wore around her neck began to glow. It was the spirit living inside of it. A phoenix of fire. Her glowing usually means something's ahead. The girl stopped looking at her necklace and back at the island ahead. She knew something else other than her mission was going to occur, but she just did not what!

Ericko and Mato couldn't believe their ears. Before they could say anything, Fro came up.

"What's the meaning of the horn?" he asked angrily.

Ericko looked at him rebelliously and stepped forward.

"A crew of thieves are heading this way and a young…" He wasn't sure if he should tell his uncle about the girl. Sure he didn't like girls, but he didn't want her to get hurt.

"A young what?" Fro shouted.

Unfortunately, Mato was too excited to realise that Fro hated girls.

"A young girl coming with these thieves. I wonder if she acts like them."

Fro's anger boiled. A girl was coming. He turned to the other Darkzins. "Darkzins! We wait until they first attack. Get ready your weapons!" They roared as a response.

"Why did you put that girl's life in danger Mato?" Ericko was angry. Mato looked down.

"I couldn't help myself. I was and still am very anxious to see this girl," He then turned to Mage Yaerin who had his eyes closed. "What's she like Mage?"

"A…I'm trying to get a good view of her…" He slowly opened his eyes and looked at Mato and Ericko. "Breath Taking!" Mato's eyes lit up while Ericko just watched the ship. It was almost here.

Finally the ship stopped by the harbour. The pirates and their captain got off and walked to Fro. The captain spoke up.

"Greetings mateys." He said with a smile. This smile vanished when Fro did not return it.

"How may we help you sir?" Mage Yaerin spoke. Earning a glare from Fro. Mage Yaerin shook the captain's hand.

"We ar' thieves, but rest assur'd that we 'all not t'uch anythin' of yers." The captain spoke friendly.

"How do we know?" Fro said.

"If they touch something, they have to deal with me!" a musical voice said. They looked up and standing on the Crow's Nest was her. The girl. She jumped down and landed with perfect grace.

Mato and Ericko looked at her. Mage Yaerin was right. She was breath taking! Fro, however, was unimpressed. Though he walked to her and looked her. She was probably a few inches smaller than Mato. Meaning that Fro was towering her. She faced him unafraid.

"Who might you be young lady?" Fro spat. He clearly hated her.

"I am Tiris and my purpose here is one of importance." She spoke like a gentle breeze. Some of the Darkzins fainted from the sound. Mato being one of them.

"Do your friends need to be here?" Fro asked sarcastically. Tiris smiled and shook her head. She turned to the captain and nodded her head at him. He and all the other pirates left and went back on the ship. Before Fro could do anything, Mage Yaerin took Tiris's hand.

"I've heard the life of a pirate is a one of starvation. Let's get you something to eat." She smiled at him.

"Thank you. May I ask you might be?" Mage Yaerin smiled 'Someone who has a beautiful smile. Haven't seen that in a while. Where have I seen that particular one before?'

"I am Mage Yaerin." Tiris's eyes went wide.

"I've heard of you. My grandfather's sister was your mother." Mage Yaerin smiled.

"That's where I've seen your smile." Tiris giggled.

Fro interrupted. "Why are you here girl?"

Tiris looked at him in the eye. His eyes went wide when he saw her iris changing. He pretended to be unaffected by it, but really he was creeped out.

"I may here to request your race for help. It has to do with an upcoming war!" She suddenly had Ericko's attention.

As the attention of Fro.

"Let's discuss this in my palace. Ericko, Mato and Mage Yaerin come with me." She nodded her head and followed Fro.

While walking Mato tried to start conversation.

"So…Tiris. Um…How are you?" Tiris looked at him and smiled sweetly.

"Fine thank you and you…What's your name?"

"Uh…Mato…." Mato's stuttering caught Ericko's attention. It irritated him that his friend was being so…so…shy!

Tiris giggled at Mato. She had grown accustom to the different ways men reacted to her. She, however, couldn't place her finger on the other. His ways intrigued her. Could he be the one she had been told of? He looked and acted like him. Tiris mentally shook her head. 'It couldn't be him,' she thought. 'he just couldn't be…could he?'

Her thoughts were interrupted by Fro's cold voice.

"Ms. Tiris. I am interested to know how you found out about us." Ericko looked at his uncle weirdly. 'The answer's obvious bone head!' he thought bitterly. First Mato acting shy and now his uncle starting a conversation? What was with everyone today?

However… "I heard mostly from my grandfather, that's because of Mage Yaerin's parents. I have also heard legends from the pirates I was with. Let's just say your race is quite popular a story." Tiris giggled. So did Mage Yaerin and Mato laugh. Fro surprisingly chuckled a bit. Only Ericko did not smile nor make a noise. Tiris looked back at him with concern. 'He really needs a sense of humour. Man, he really is a true Darkzin.' She thought.

Ericko was irritated with his fellows were being. They were a dis… 'Oh great,' he thought. 'I sound like Uncle…why is that girl looking at me?' though now he was looking at her too. Now he could examine her properly. He had to admit, though, she really was pretty. 'no. she's more…beautiful? No. that does not seem to explain her. Oh…great now I'm sounding like Mato.'

This boy fascinated Tiris. He seemed to be thinking, but what he was thinking she couldn't see. It felt weird when his eyes were scanning her and she had felt shy and awkward. Now they were eye-locked and that didn't help. 'I wonder who he is.'

Mage Yaerin looked beside him to find Ericko and Tiris looking at each other. Their eyes seemed locked. Ericko's eyes were still emotionless, but there was a hint of an emotion in them. That made Mage Yaerin smile mentally. Tiris looked in thought, though he could see she wasn't really comfortable. Other a time he would just leave them, but Fro was here.

Ericko couldn't understand why he was eye locked with this girl. However, her iris changing did not affect him. He could also see she wasn't exactly comfortable with this contact. Not that he was enjoying it himself. Luckily, Mage Yaerin broke the contact. "Miss Tiris?" Tiris looked away from Ericko and looked at Mage Yaerin. Though he couldn't understand why, Ericko felt disappointed that she looked away from him.

They all were not so far from the palace and Mage Yaerin and Tiris had been talking over this and that. Though, much to Mage Yaerin's concern, Tiris would occasionally sneaks glances at Ericko and he would look back. Though, Fro and Mato weren't noticing. Then it struck him. When Tiris looked back at Mage Yaerin, He said simply,

"His name is Ericko." Tiris blushed. Mage Yaerin had noticed. Ericko attention was caught by the sound of his name. He had busying scanning her when she was not looking, and when she had been he could not take his eyes off hers. 'I feel a fool!'

all of this was interrupted by Fro.

"We're here." Tiris and Ericko looked up. Tiris gasped. It was the most beautiful palace she had ever seen. In addition, boy had she seen a few!

As they entered the throne room, Mage Yaerin looked at Tiris, whose face had changed to quite a serious face. 'Her coming must be one of importance.' He thought. Fro sat on his throne with Ericko and Mato standing next to him.

"So young Tiris, what is this matter that concerns the Darkzins?" Fro asked wryly. Tiris stepped forward and her necklace began a dim glowing. Though this caught Fro, Mato and Mage Yaerin's attention, Ericko attention was occupied at Tiris, whose face shone brightly. Her eyes stopped changing colour and it was demon purple in colour. As she spoke, her voice became haunting.

"Evil has appeared and has begun destorying all civilisasion. The elders of the world propherise that this is be the battle of all time. I was chosen to journey to all four islands to choose some of the strongest members of each. As we journey, all in the islands must prepare for the ulimate battle." Fro, Mato and Mage Yaerin's eyes grew wide, while as Ericko's remained emotionless.

Tiris's eyes returned to their usual state and she looked at them sweetly.

"So…shall you help?"