This is Me…

I am an indecisive idiot,

Whose scores are left unsettled.

I travel a road of faults,

Letting myself slip down.

I let others control me,

With my free will broken.

I am a different dreamer,

Whose dreams appear on paper.

I write with all my being,

Leaving the world behind.

I let my imagination take me,

Beyond the worldly limits.

I am an avid adventurer,

Who sails into worlds unseen.

I run to world imagined,

For things to be alright.

I fight dragons and dark elves,

Alongside fairies and mages.

I am a gallant gamer,

Who dives into stories untold,

I gather friends and fall in love,

Until the end I learn I cannot.

I banish evil and capture neutral,

Narrowly escaping death.

I am a caring creator,

Who carries worlds upon her shoulders.

I watch worrying behind a glass window,

As others cry and hurt.

I try to help,

But am always pushed aside.

I am a girl

Whose life goes on

No matter the time going by.

I stay away

As an observer,

Quietly watching them.

I dream of being noticed,

I dream of being famous.

As I stand now,

It'll never be.

But I'll keep trying,

Until I die.