Summary: Whoever said opposites attract obviously had no idea what he or she was getting everyone into, including two people from similar but very different backgrounds that find their worlds colliding with no warning. Will this attraction last?

Chapter One

She was extremely annoyed. Her alarm hadn't gone off this morning and now she was running late to class. This almost never happened with her. What made it all worse was her roommate and all of her friends in the common room. She was sure that Kayla was skipping another class, something she would never do herself unless she was sick. No matter how hard she tried she could never be like Kayla, it was impossible for her.

"Reese," Kayla called to her. "You should join us instead of going to class."

"You need to live a little," one of the other girls, maybe Jessie, said.

Reese rolled her eyes, "Some of us actually go to class so they can get a job."

"Just marry someone rich and then you won't have to work, it's what we're going to do," Kayla responded. "They'll just do the work and give you the money to do what you want with."

"I'm sorry, but I'd rather be a working wife then a trophy wife. Now if you'll all excuse me, I need to get to class." She was about to open the door when something came to mind, "What will you do if he divorces you? There is such a thing as a prenup; you'd get nothing."

Her day was barely looking up. The little scene in her dorm wasn't something that could take her mind off of how late she was going to be for class. Not to mention it was the only class she actually enjoyed.

"Hey Reese," someone called as she left Branford College: the building her dorm was in.

"Hey Mike," she replied with a smile as she slowed so he could catch up. "Heading in the same direction?" She motioned towards the direction she was headed.

"Of course, we are in the same class," he said as if she should know that.

"Ah, right. Forgot."

"No biggie, you've been through a lot these passed few weeks. How's Michael?" It felt strange saying his own name, even though he meant someone else.

She shrugged, "He hasn't come out of the coma yet. But the doctors say there's a chance he could still pull through. My nana isn't giving up hope." She quickly added, "I'm not either."

Mike and Reese had gone to school together in Germany when they were in middle school. It was only recently though that they had reconnected. Mike had just transferred from his old college—Harvard—to Yale. He was also the only student at Yale that knew who she was, as well as her family history.

"Want to go to a movie this weekend? Mid-semester exams are coming up soon and I figure we'll both be studying extremely hard, so we-"

She cut him off, "I'd love to. I need to get out anyway."

By now they were outside the classroom where their media class was situated; it was a small room compared to the others, but it was perfect for the class of ten; an extremely small class when you consider all the students at the college. They both slipped into the class, still talking, and moved towards their usual seats in the center of the class. They didn't get a chance to continue their conversation, however, as the professor stepped into the room and everyone quieted.

"That was a bad movie," Reese commented as they walked out of the theater. "We should never have seen it."

"But," Mike pointed out, "if we hadn't gone to see it we wouldn't have known it was bad."

She shook her head, "No. We both know that it's never a good idea to read a book then go see the movie based on it. It's common knowledge that the majority of story-based movies aren't good. Blood & Chocolate is one of those."

"Bad movie, wonderful book?"


He chuckled, "Right. So next time if there is a movie that is based on a book we won't read the book or see the movie."

"No. We just don't see the movie," she corrected. "So, how about dinner? My treat."

"Sure. The pub?" He responded.

She shook her head, "I was thinking that Italian place down the street. The one that went into the place where Cam's Restaurant was."

"Sounds good and not as noisy. Plus I heard their chicken parmesan was fabulous," he replied with a smile as he opened the passenger door to his Mercedes.

Within minutes they were sitting down at a table for two at the Italian restaurant. It had a classy appearance. Black lacquered furniture with green tablecloths and pristine white dishes. The menus were simple: black with white lettering and that was all. The only letdown was the whole menu was in Italian and her grasp of the language wasn't happening.

"You'd think they'd have the menu in English, it being a family restaurant and all," she commented dryly.

"Don't worry, I'll order for you. After the amount of time we've known each other I think I know what you like to drink and eat."

She studied him for a moment, "Alright."

Two weeks until Thanksgiving, she noted as she looked up at her calendar. Truthfully, it meant nothing to her. She wasn't American so she didn't that celebrate that day in November. Even if she was American, she doubted that she'd enjoy the holiday. She had a paper that was due tomorrow in one of her classes and she had yet to start it, so thinking about Thanksgiving was a bad idea. Her hands found the keyboard to her laptop and she started to type. Within an hour she had written half of the paper and had already scrapped three paragraphs. Two were close to being deleted as well, but she needed to finish the paper and at that point she just didn't care anymore.



Kayla leaned against the desk, "Your brother is here."

"Which one?"

"Ass number two," came the answer.

She groaned and stood up, "Thanks. Couldn't you just tell him I was hiking this weekend? It would save us both the trouble of getting pissed off."

"Sorry, he saw your car keys."


"Tell me about it. If he weren't such an ass I'd think about seducing him."

Reese chuckled, "I wouldn't want you for a sister-in-law."

"Thanks a lot. I feel loved," Kayla replied.

Reese pushed herself away from the desk and stood from her chair. By the time she left her bedroom her twin brother, AKA ass number two, was pacing in front of the door. She straightened her shirt and leaned against the doorframe. Kayla, wisely, stayed hidden in Reese's bedroom.

"What do you want Kaden?" She asked. "I need to finish my paper for-"

"I want you to listen to me," he cut her off.

"Don't I always?"

He glared at her, "I don't need your sarcasm." He took a moment. "Lewis and I want you to think about going to Oxford. It's closer to home and-"

"No." She shifted. "How many times do I have to tell you, before it sinks in, that I'm staying at Yale."

"Oxford is a family legacy, you'll-"

She cut him off again, "So is Yale. Mom went here. Grandma went here. I go here and I'm not leaving. You and Lewis just think that since I'm female I can't take care of myself. If only Nana could hear you."

"Victoria," he snapped. "This isn't about you; it's about the rest of us. Nana would feel better with you closer to home and we, your brothers, would sleep better at night. It's not as safe as you think, being here without anyone to protect you."

"Do those ten years I spent taking martial arts mean nothing? I'm perfectly capable of killing or maiming anyone that decides to harm me." She took a deep breath. "All of which is more then I can say about you."

"You don't understand."

She laughed, "No. I understand perfectly. You and Lewis want to control me and it won't work."

"That's not true. After what happened over the summer, we'd just feel better with you closer to home."

"I'm staying here and it's not like you or Lewis are paying for it. Nana is, and she's not going to make me go to Oxford when she knows how much I despise it there and how much I love Yale."

"You're being difficult."

"If anyone is being difficult it's you and Lewis. Why can't you understand that Yale is where I belong? You and Lewis didn't throw a fit when I first mentioned going to Yale so why are you now making a big deal about it?"

He rubbed his forehead, "We'd rather you be closer to home. What happened to Michael could happen to you and you'd be safer at home."

"Kaden, Michael was hit by a drunk driver. I live on campus, so my chances of being hit are less then it would be if I lived at home and commuted to Oxford," she spoke as if her brother was a child. "You need to understand that my living at home wouldn't make me safer. In fact, I can assure you I would probably be in more danger. No one knows me here."

Kaden just stared at her for a moment and then he left, the door slamming shut behind him. She heard Kayla step out of the bedroom and her breathing slowed. Her brothers just didn't understand how important Yale was to her.

"Let me finish this paper and then we'll go to the pub okay?"

"Okay," Kalya replied softly as Reese walked by her.

End Note: This story has been on my mind for awhile now. This is the first chance I got to do anything about it. Please, if you saw any mistakes please tell me. It'll help a lot. The next chapter probably won't be up for awhile, so please be patient.

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