My world isn't one that many know about. People believe that my world doesn't exist and that all the stories come from people's imaginations. But let me tell you something, people can't be that creative, so the truth is to be there, somewhere.

Witches, warlocks, werewolves, vampires, they're all fairytales right? That's what people believe, even when they're confronted with the truth. Why? Because they're afraid. They're afraid that if they admit that fairytales are real, then there will be nothing to protect them. Security is only an illusion after all, and what happens when that illusion wears thin?

Will history repeat itself? Will the two worlds get along? Who will fall, and who will dominate? For so many years there has been silence between the worlds, for the protection of both worlds. What would the outcome be if the silence were broken? Will they collide? Or will they intertwine?

What will the fate of humanity be?