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Eight months later, all was quiet in the Saunders penthouse in New York City. Dean and Belle were lying in bed quietly as Dean's arms were wrapped tightly around Belle's very pregnant tummy. They had found out that they were having a little girl, which thrilled Dean to the core. The thought of having a little baby girl brought a smile to his face.

The two hadn't decided what they would name the new baby, and decided that once they saw their baby, they would name her then. Everyone was thrilled for the upcoming birth, Belle the most. She gained 20 pounds, which isn't a lot for a pregnancy, but for Belle's small frame, it was more than just uncomfortable.

Lying on her side, Belle sighed as she placed her hand on her tummy, smiling as she felt their baby kick softly. She and Dean had finally finished decorating the new nursery, with a brand new crib that was a gift from Tom and Lucy. They had gotten married as well, already having two babies of their own.

Deciding that she wouldn't be able to sleep well tonight, Belle got up from the bed, using the headboard as a balance to help herself up. She felt like a beachside whale. Walking slowly down the hall, she opened the door to the nursery and smiled brightly.

Floods of the colors pink and light yellow, Belle glowed as she walked to the crib and peered inside. Dean had picked out the sheets, choosing tiny flowers with bumblebees, and after he found out Belle was pregnant, he went out and bought their baby a tiny brown kitten, made of a plush fabric. He had also purchased an old wooden rocking chair for them to use whether Belle was nursing their baby, or he was rocking her to sleep. Belle never thought she'd truly see the day, but Dean had grown up.

A soft creek in the floor scared Belle as she turned around to see Dean standing in the doorway. He was smiling as he walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her, placing his hands on her tummy.

"Any day now." he whispered in Belle's ear as he kissed the side of her face. Belle smiled and then sighed as she placed her hands over Dean's.

"Are you excited?" Belle asked as she turned in Dean's arms as he placed his hands full frontally on her bulging tummy. He shrugged softly.

"Yes and no. Yes because we're going to have a brand new baby of our own and no, because those glorious breasts are going to be gone!" Dean said as his hands began to trail up slightly, but Belle stopped him.

"Oh stop now!" She said with a laugh as she turned back around to face the crib. "I'm practically ready to pop; I don't need to be having sex. I don't think it's even possible in my condition." Belle said as she felt Dean come up behind her and press his pelvis into her lower back. She felt the rumble in his chest behind her, but she ignored it. She was beginning to feel a tightening in her stomach and it hurt.

Heaving softly, she placed her hand against her tummy; afraid something was wrong with her baby. Dean noticed and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, trying to comfort her.

"Belle? You okay?" He asked as she continued to wince and bite into her lip.

"I think I'm having the baby." She said as she winced, taking Dean's hand in hers and squeezed tightly. Her breath began to hitch as the pain increased. It increased for only a second, and then slowly it ended. A wet trail began to descend down Belle's thighs and she sighed. She was indeed having the baby.

"Oh my god!" Dean exclaimed as he ran quickly out of the room and back into their bedroom. Putting on pants over his boxers and a shirt, he went into the closet and grabbed the bag that Belle had packed only the night before for the hospital stay. Outside, he seemed frantic and nervous, but the truth was, he was beyond excited. Dean ran back to the nursery to see Belle sitting in the rocking chair, completely normal again. "Are you alright? Can you stand?"

Belle looked up and smiled.

"Of course I can stand. The contraction subsided, for now, but I think we should get to the hospital now." Belle said, her voice tightening as a second contraction came about, only seven minutes apart from the previous one. "Dean," she moaned. "It hurts."

"Well, I read somewhere that you shouldn't go to the hospital immediately…" Dean began to say but the fiery look in Belle's eyes stopped him from finishing.

"Get. Me. To. The. Fucking. Hospital!" She growled as she clutched her stomach again. Dean nodded softly as he took Belle in his arms, helping her walk out of the room.

"Let me get you something to eat first. I got your favorite yogurt." Dean said temptingly as he stared Belle in the face. She smiled despite the pain as she continued to touch her tummy.

"Okay, maybe." She said softly as she let Dean almost carry her to the kitchen.

Sitting her down at the island in the middle of the kitchen, Dean took out a strawberry yogurt and a bottle of water, placing it in front of the pregnant woman. Eyes ablaze, Belle ripped the top of the yogurt off and began eating frantically. When did she become so hungry?

"Slow down, love." Dean said with a smile on his face, while he took out a yogurt for himself. Dean smiled as he watched his wife. She was so beautiful to him, even now. She was one of those women where pregnancy was a great look for her. She had that warm glow all women want, and to him, it seemed like she barely gained any fat weight; it was all baby weight. Her hair was luxurious chestnut color that shined brightly again, and her eyes had never seemed so alive. The last time she looked truly that breathtaking was when they were married, almost two years ago.

"Yum." Belle said as she placed the spoon and yogurt in front of her on the island and sighed, leaning back into the chair. Her eyes were slightly glazed over, but only for a certain amount of time. The pain returned, in full rage, as her face contorted into a look of pain. Belle took a deep breath as she placed pressure on her tummy, feeling the soft kick of the baby inside of her.

"Okay, time to go!" Dean said as he threw away the trash and threw a water bottle into Belle's purse and threw it over his shoulder, along with her overnight bag. He wrapped his arm around her waist, holding her body close to his, and helping her walk along, using his own body as a weight to keep her balance. Belle, already tired, laid her head on Dean's shoulder and began to practice her Lamaze breathing.

"Hee. Hee. Hoo." Belle breathed in and out, and while it wasn't really helping with the pain, it certainly helped get her mind off of it. Belle's hand rested on the nape of Dean's neck, and when a contraction came forth, her hand almost scratched the skin in pain.

Since living in New York City, Belle and Dean thought it wasn't a good idea to have a car, considering how expensive it would be. Letting her stand on the side of the street, Dean went out to the side of the road and hailed a taxi. It was a busy Friday night and it took more than 15 minutes for Dean to finally get a taxi.

Getting in the car, Dean had his arm wrapped around her shoulder, rubbing her neck for comfort as Belle continued to moan in pain.

"St. Vincent's, please." Dean said as he turned to Belle, a frown on his face. Belle was breathing heavily as she continued to grip his neck. It didn't bother him, but it did bother him that his wife was in so much pain. He understood that this was perfectly normal while going into labor with a new baby. "So, what we going to name this little one?" Dean asked, trying to get Belle's attention off the pain.

She laughed a bit, despite the pain.

"I don't know; I really like the names Evie and Haley. What do you think?" Belle asked, grinding her teeth in pain as she dug her nails into Dean's neck. Dean smiled.

"I like both names. I also like Nicole or Dina." He said as the taxi took a sharp turn, which caused Belle to moan in pain. "What about Marina?"

"Yuck! Marina sounds like a girl who's involved in a fantasy story!" Belle moaned as the pain subsided a bit, but she still felt extremely uncomfortable. She could feel the baby moving inside of her and Belle could imagine that the little girl was getting irritated as well. The space in there must be very cramped.

Dean smiled softly at Belle. Even going into labor, Belle stayed her normal self; giving out her opinions and being brutally honest.

"You'll never change, will you?" Dean asked as the hospital finally came into view. He let out a breath of relief, as he knew that Belle would finally, hopefully, at least get an epidural. Belle rested her head on Dean's chest as her hand gradually drifted down from his neck to his lower back.

"Having this baby and all this pain is only making me more pissed off." Belle said with a slight grin before she winced.

"Joy." Dean said sardonically.

Hours had passed and Belle was lying in bed with an IV in her arm as she continued wincing in pain. According to the doctor, Belle was in the middle of active labor, which naturally meant that she was going to be very pissed off and at Dean, the most.

"This. Is. YOUR. Fault!" Belle yelled at Dean, who just sat in the chair next to her bed and smiled softly. He imagined that Belle would be this agitated during birth, so he didn't take it personally.

"I'm sorry, sweetheart, but even now, you can't deny it wasn't good." He said with a smirk as he took a magazine from the rack next to the chair and began to flip through the magazine. He heard Belle grit her teeth as another contraction racked her body. Belle had decided not to take an epidural, despite the urging of both Dean and the doctor.

"I should have taken that fucking epidural." Belle groaned as she lifted her hips a bit off the bed, hoping to relieve any tension she felt. "Dean, I'm going to cut off your dick! Hold me!" She almost screamed as the pain racked her body. Dean threw the magazine to the floor and ran to the bed, taking Belle's hand in his, letting her hand squeeze the hell out of his. "It hurts so bad." She groaned as tears leaked out from the corner of her eyes, as she began to squeeze them shut.

"Belle, you're almost there. I believe you can do this. You're the strongest woman I know and I have no doubt that you will get through this." Dean said as he kissed the corner of her mouth, which earned a hiss from Belle.

"Don't you dare try to be affectionate with me! It's your sperm that did this to me! Goddamn men!" Belle yelled at Dean as the doctor walked into the room, holding papers and a smile.

"You must be Belle and Dean Saunders. The nurses told me you were feisty, but that can be understood since someone passed up the epidural." The doctor said his voice doused in sarcasm. Belle squinted her eyes in annoyance at her doctor.

"Don't even give me that." She said angrily as she began to sit up in the bed, as Dean fluffed the pillows so she could lean into them. "I'm in enough pain as it is and I'm sure the judge would acquit me knowing that I was in labor when I brutally murdered my husband and doctor." Belle said through gritted teeth as she lay against the pillows, while Dean and the doctor laughed.

"What would be your reasons for murdering us, Belle?" Dean asked as he took a seat next to the bed again.

"Well, lets see; my husband impregnated me and caused me to go through this painful birthing process and my doctor is an asshole!" Belle yelled as her head hit the pillow in pain. "Give me the drugs!"

"Belle, you know we can't do that. I say its time for you to begin pushing and now it's far too late to get the epidural. Besides, many women say they love their babies that much more after going through all that pain to get them." The doctor said as he put on a mask and gloves and lifted the blanket over the stirrups. "Oh yes, the ride is definitely ready to begin."

Dean winced in pain as Belle motioned him over as he handed over his hand to her and she squeezed so tightly that he was sure that she just broke every bone in his hand.

"The contractions are about one minutes apart, so we'll have you push every minute or so." The doctor said as other nurses began to flood into the room.

"Belle, hold my hand and squeeze as hard as you want." Dean whispered to his wife as she began to groan in pain.

"It fucking hurts!" She yelled as the doctor signaled to push. It felt like something was ripping at her from the inside as the baby began to move lower.

"Okay, stop and take a quick break." The doctor said as he kept Belle's thighs firmly apart. Belle looked up at Dean and smiled weakly.

"I'm sorry I've been so mean to you, but this hurts so bad." She said to him as another contraction began as she began to push as well. Squeezing as hard as she could, Belle could hear the doctor laugh.

"Almost there, Belle! The baby's beginning to crown." The doctor said to Dean and Belle, as she continued to squeeze his hand tightly.

"Belle, it's alright. I understand, but admit this to me, the sex was good." Dean said with a smirk on his face while Belle almost smacked him in the face.

"I really don't need this right now!" Belle yelled as the pain of the baby began to truly take a toll on her.

"Belle, we need you to sit up; it'll be easier to push." The doctor said as Dean began to help Belle sit up, holding her back steady. He felt the sweat on her drip down her back and her face was covered in sweat.

Belle straightened her back and liked the feeling of having Dean massaging her back as she began to push hard. Closing her eyes and screaming, Belle forced the baby out of her and sighed in relief as she heard the cry of the baby.

"A beautiful baby girl!" The doctor yelled as Dean ran over from the side of the bed to the front, cutting the umbilical cord. The feeling he felt was undeniable. Happiness was an understatement.

His baby girl, with dark brown hair atop her head, was screaming with her mouth wide open. She was so tiny and covered in a gooey type substance as the doctor handed the baby girl off to Dean. Holding her in his arms, Dean smiled brightly as he carried his baby daughter over to his wife, handing her off.

Belle began to cry softly when she saw their baby. A beautiful baby girl with light, pale skin and deep, chestnut hair. To her and Dean, this baby was perfect.

"She' s so beautiful." Belle cried as she held their baby tightly within their arms.

"What are we going to name her?" Dean asked as he kissed Belle's forehead, while he kept staring at his new baby.

"I have one name, and I think you'll like it." Belle said as she brushed the hair out of the baby's face. Dean turned to face Belle and nodded.

"What is it?"

"Haley Victoria Charleston Saunders." Belle said as she looked up to face Dean, holding her baby close to her chest as the baby's cries began to soften.

"The perfect name for the perfect baby."

The End

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