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Here, for you reading pleasure, is my story I affectionately call Tera. Why? Cause the girl's name is Tera. I wrote this two years ago in 7th grade, so it has my old writing style, but I think it's ok. So, drumroll please! ::a drum rolls by:: a-ha ha. funny. Here's my story.

Chapter One

"Very good work, Tera. You obviously take your art seriously," Tera blushed as the art teacher complimented her self-portrait.

"Not really, Mrs. Swift. I just try my best," the junior said modestly.

"Oh, but your best is very good," Mrs. Swift picked up the pencil drawing and placed it on the stack of drawings she already had in her hands. Mrs. Swift then went to the front of the room and began droning on about something. Tera glanced around the art room. Lee had totally screwed up his drawing; his eyes were on his forehead, and his mouth was on his neck. Shannon, Becky and Mallory were laughing about something. And Justin, who sat next to her, was writing "I love Danielle" on everything he could write on without getting in trouble.

Just then, the bell rang. Tera grabbed her books and walked to her next class, band. Tera played the flute very well. She stepped into the band room just as the bell rang. She walked to the closet and pulled her case out of it. The band room was in total disarray. Some students were practicing their music, others were talking. Some people were finishing up homework that was due next period. Mrs. Miller, the band teacher was vigorously writing detention slips while half the class ran around the room like wild banshees. Tera sighed as she set her books down under her chair. She took her flute and began to warm up.

At lunch, she went outside and met up with her boyfriend, Matt. She started to talk to him, but when she looked down and saw that ring on his left pointer finger, it reminded her about "the decision". The ring was made of silver and blue diamond. She knew it helped him live his life. "Hi, Tera!" he said enthusiastically.

She started to reply, but then she thought about who he really was. "Matt, about my answer,"

Matt had a pleading look in his eyes.

"I, uh," a chill ran through her body. "I feel that, what I mean is, my answer is, well. No." Tera watched as

Matt's eyes widened in shock. His mouth hung open. "Tera, I... I..." Then a angry expression crossed his face. "You'll be sorry." and with that, he turned and walked back into the building.

By 8th period, the whole school had heard about Matt and Tera's break-up. Girls were already flirting with Matt. Guys were already asking Tera out. They were both good looking. Tera had beautiful strawberry-blond hair with green eyes, while Matt had pale skin which complimented his blue eyes and gorgeous black hair. When Matt transferred to Kennedy High School a year ago, he wore all black. All the girls who had a crush on him, had took on his All Black Style, trying to impress him. The guys were jealous, so some of them took on the Style, too. After Matt started dating Tera, the girls dropped the Style, and the school was back to normal.

Tera walked, dragging her feet, from French class to her locker. Her friends followed her, trying to cheer Tera up, but she pushed them away. Tera tried to remember why she even started dating Matt. Reason one: he was so sexy. Reason two: She was very mad at her parents, and they didn't like him. After he met her parents, they told her to dump him. Her motto at the time was: "Let's not and say we did." She loved Matt, but she wasn't sure he loved her, after what happened. But she wasn't ready to give everything up. She slammed her books in her locker and grabbed her homework to take home. She slipped on her spring jacket and started to the parking lot. "Tera, I could give you a ride home, if you want," came a male voice from behind her. She spun around and saw Dan, a guy in her art class.

"Uh sorry, Dan, I have to do a story for the school newspaper about the baseball team." she made up an excuse. But it wasn't really an excuse. She really had to do that.

"Okay, I'll walk you over to the stadium." She didn't really want him to go with her, but she decided to go anyway. When they neared the stadium, which was behind the high school, she saw Matt sitting on his car. She grabbed Dan's arm and put it around her shoulder, hoping to show Matt that she was over him. Dan looked

at Tera, first with surprise, and then with happiness. She saw the disappointment in Matt's face as he got in the car and drove away. As soon as he was out of view, Tera ripped Dan's arm from her shoulder.

"You're weird, Tera. I like that in a woman,"

You don't get it, do you Dan? she thought. "Oh, look, there's the stadium. Bye-bye!" Tera took off and ran to the bleachers. Dan stood spellbound at the edge of the parking lot, watching Tera bound up the steps.

From her seat in the stadium seat, in the very front, she could see all the baseball players practicing. She started to observe how they played. She stood up to go down and interview the coach. She heard someone on the field yell "HEADS UP!" really loud. And Tera looked up just in time to see a baseball come flying straight towards her forehead.

Joey hit the baseball so hard, it flew into the stands. Only then did he notice the girl standing in the path of the baseball. "HEADS UP!" he yelled. Everyone gasped as it hit her square in the forehead. She fell foreword and flipped over the railing, falling about six feet to the hard dugout below. The coach ran to call an ambulance.

Well, what do you think? I know it's not much horror yet, but the next chapter will be.