Here's the last part. Oooh, it's getting' good, so I'll shaddup and let you read.

When I woke up, I wasn't myself. What I mean is- I wasn't human. My sight was blurred, and I could barely hear. My chest hurt, because I was trying to breathe when I didn't have to. I started to panic because my heart was not beating. But, I guess, if you're dead, you don't need for your heart to beat. With my best subject in school being science, I really couldn't get a good grip on this. How was I moving and thinking if I wasn't breathing or my heart wasn't beating?

Then Matt appeared Come with me, He said pulling me up. I was still a little dizzy from, oh I don't know, DYING, maybe? So Matt had to hold me up. I felt safe in his arms. Soon we were at a clearing. And there was a person. I recognized him as Dan, the guy who offered me a ride after school about a week ago. "I knocked him out. He's all yours. I kneeled down my Dan's body and opened my mouth. He woke up and screamed just as I sank my fangs into his throat and drank until he was dry as a desert. I stood up, totally realizing that I was no longer human.


or is it? Muahahahaha!