A short story about love

Alina was getting ready for bed a little early than usual as she had had a very stressful day. Her boss had demanded that she finish her column. She loved her boss to death, but she had to admit that Janice got a little carried away sometimes. Alina worked in a museum, her boss had demanded that she write a column on feminist life was a quiet one at 21 she had done two mayors at the same time. One in History and the other was in computer animation. Her life was pretty normal, she went out with her best friend or stayed at home reading a book. Occasionally she would go on dates but they would always turn up being big disappointments.

As she was undressing she felt a hand touch her arm. Alina turned around but she saw no one there. She blamed it on her overactive imagination and continued getting dress. As she cuddled into the pillows she felt the sheets move to make way for a companion. She was so scarred that she cuddled closer to the pillow, until she felt hands wrap around her waist. She jerked to the side only to realize that there was nothing there.

"Ok, overactive imagination this is not funny! I need my sleep so if this is a joke I am not laughing!"

As she was drifting back to sleep, she felt warm lips kiss her forehead. Her groggy eyes fluttered open, and all she saw were piercing blue eyes, as she drifted off. That night Alina had the strangest dream of being in a foreign country surrounded by flowers.

MAMI! She looked up as soon as she heard her son calling her. – Que fue Carlos? -Papi wants to see you. – Voy ya. She strode through the meadow her son hugging her waist or at least trying to, as she was 5 months pregnant. They reached their home soon enough; a palace as beautiful as they come full of grandeur. – Alina, I don't like the idea of you going out alone, especially in your delicate condition. – Hay por Dios, I am not dying I am merely pregnant and it's my second one at that. Though I don't mind the extra attention. – Have I mentioned that you look wonderful pregnant! Yes many times, but show me.

Alina woke up that morning shocked beyond words. It had been three years since the dreams had started occurring but she dismissed them, because every girl wishes to get married. The dreams had gotten worst in the past years since she had turned 19.

I wonder what they mean. What is it trying to warn me about, something good right? Right at that moment she felt like she was being watched. She turned around but once again saw nothing. She felt arms wrap around her waist, but she ignored them. She picked up her hairbrush and when she stared at the mirror there were pair of icy blue eyes starring back at her.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" As soon as she let out the scream a hand was placed over her mouth. It was a nice hand it was very big, and smelled like the woods. She looked up again, and found that he was still staring at him intently. The man was about 6'5 so he towered over her 5'7 frame. He was bulky but not overly so. His hair was as black as the night. His face was ruggedly handsome, and his icy blue eyes, would have struck fear into her if she had not been intrigued by the mark on the right side of his face. It was a very grand dragon; it looked like if he was ready to fly.

"It's time to live your destiny."

She looked at him confused but before she had time to react a hand was placed on her eyes, and she felt her feet leave the floor. When she woke up again he was in a foreign place in a very comfortable bed. She huddled deeper into the silk sheets, she felt instantly surrounded by a cocoon of warmth. Her brown eyes slowly opened and took in her surroundings. She was in a very large and lavishly decorated room. It had double doors that led to the balcony, a huge chandelier on top of the bed. The ceiling was painted with pictures of various Gods. She once again tried to snuggle into the cocoon of warmth, but she noticed that the warmth was being emitted by a very muscled wall.

Ok! I can handle this no prob. I mean I wake up everyday like this right?! Ok so this is no problem. None at all I just have to confront it.

Alina turned around and came face to face with a very tanned chest. Ever so slowly her gaze turned upward to stop at his eyes. A pair of amused icy blue eyes stared back at her. "Good morning love." His voice was like a melody, very masculine and husky. Her attention was drawn away from him, because at that very moment she saw something move on the bed. Abandoning all common sense she climbed over him, and grabbed the offending object carefully. It turned out to be a very fluffy and white tail that was apparently attached to a very delectable naked derriere. Wait a minute naked?! And a tail! What kind of person has a tail?

She abruptly turned around only to be faced with the sight of her body sprawled on top of the gorgeous specimen. She quickly tried to jump off only to be held down on the bed by a very strong arm. She began struggling.

"Don't!"That single command stopped her quieted her attempts at escaping.

"You're naked!"

"Yes I am."


"This is how I sleep."

"But why?"

"I find clothes unnecessary when sleeping especially if there is a lady present don't you think? At this comment Alina blushed a very dark shade of pink, and hid herself under the covers.

"Why are you down there love?"

"I'm giving you a chance to get out of bed first."

"And what if I don't leave?"

"Then I will stay down here until you do get out."

"Well that sounds like a nice proposition." No sooner had he said this that he dived under the covers to join her. He positioned himself until he was parallel with her, which was quite a feat consider that he was almost a foot taller than her; his icy blue eyes starring intently into her brown ones. She took in her position and rolled away so quickly that she fell of the bed. She was rubbing her sore bottom, and when she looked up she saw an amused pair of blue eyes staring back at her.

"What are you doing down there love?" I will not be affected by the sultry bedroom voice. 'sure'. Shut up! I will not be affected. Oh Jesus, I have to leave this is taking a toll on my senses and my overactive imagination. This is crazy a human with a tail?! Unless he is not a human in which case he would be, Ok yeah like I said overactive imagination too overactive.

She looked down at herself and for the first time she noticed, that she was only wearing her underwear. Her pajamas had mysteriously disappeared off her body. Well that is going to prove difficult for my escape. With that thought in mind she started crawling on the floor looking for any sign of her clothes, all the while aware of His eyes watching her. He heard a yell of frustration coming from under the bed.

"Ugh! Where did he throw my shirt, and my pants for that matter!"

Alina moodily got herself off the floor. "Stupid men and their animal tendencies.!" When she turned around she was met with a wall. Looking up she saw that it was Damien staring amusedly down at her. Still naked I might add. No decency!

"What are you looking for?"

"My clothes I am going to need them soon, if I am going to make it in time for my next lesson." Damien frowned.

"Are you saying that you are leaving?"

"Yes, but first I need my clothes, now if you will excuse me I have to hunt down my shoes and clothes." Alina tried to sidestep him, but he kept blocking her way. She felt as if they were doing an awkward dance with a naked man, blushing she turned up to glare at him.

"Will you please move?! I have to go!"



"You will not go."

"Oh, so now you tell me what to do?! I think not you already got your fun out of kidnapping me and I hope we did not have sex! so I will leave this with whatever dignity I have left."

"You can't leave because I need you"

"Listen you can get any other person to give you what you 'need', but I am leaving. I feel very uncomfortable by being around you so I will leave before my starts to resemble a tomato; I have never blushed so much in my entire life. But ever since I met you I feel like a Christmas tree!"

"I love you."

"WHAT!" Alina stared unbelieving at him. Did she just hear right? He said that he loved her. Well that was one way to stop her ramblings.

"I was made to love you, you are my other half, my soul mate, and we were made for each other." Somewhere in the middle of his proclamations he had hugged her to him. She stayed in his embrace before pushing him away.

"Look I don't know what you are talking about but it's 9:45 and my job started about 45 minutes ago, kindly step out of my; way." He stood forward and shook her shoulders.

"Don't you get it?! You are my soul mate, why do you think you were having those dreams?! Well now she was shocked. How did he know about her dreams? Now she was curious and if she had to spend a few more minutes with this very weird person to get some answers then so be it. Why do I only attract weird people?! Seriously it's a curse or a gift I am not quite sure.

"How did you know about the dreams? What do they mean?"

He reached his hand to touch her face. "The dreams are a way of warning you about what's to come. To warn you of your destiny if you will. Your future."

"Ok that's it! I have officially entered the twilight zone! My future is in my job which if I leave now I might still have a plausible excuse for being late."

"Your boss has already been informed that you will be taking your vacation."

"What, I am not, I like my job!" Damien for that was his name was growing out of patience rather quickly. He did not get it was it really so difficult to believe in soul mates. Wasn't she a hopeless romantic? He was a prince for crying out loud and here he was taking lip from his mate. How was in it that he was such a great diplomat for his people but he could not make his soul mate see reason. This was beyond control. He had never allowed anyone to talk to him like that not even his three siblings got away with that. He made a growling sound from within his chest. It was more of a warning really. But it made her shut up all the same.

"God! Why do you think all your other dates were unsuccessful, I could not have you being serious with someone else, when you were meant for me!

Alina stood there gaping like a goldfish. Did she just here right? He just said that he had driven away every guy she had ever liked because of jealousy.

"YOU MEAN YOU DROVE AWAY EVERY GUY I HAVE EVER LIKE BECAUSE YOU WERE JEALOUS?! JESUS!" Damien was so surprised by her outburst that he did not have time to react when she pushed past him and walked out the door and into the palace. What a vile creature. The nerve of him to drive away my dates. He made me go through bad times thinking that there was something wrong with me. When it was all his fault! Men are such possessive creatures! Lost in her thought Alina kept walking down the palace halls. She had been walking for two hours now.

"I have been walking for eternity, I am lost, confused, tired and hungry! I just want to go home!" That being said to no one in particular she slid against the wall until her butt hit the floor. She felt like a child throwing a tantrum, but seriously she was so confused. In her walk she had encountered a talking dragon that had a half human half dragon form. A sorceress. She felt like Alice in wonderland. With all these thoughts plaguing her head she fell asleep.

That is how Damien found her curled into a ball sleeping in the hall. He had been so afraid that she had left the palace, and that panic almost turned him into a fox. She had felt her distress and her fear. She looked so gentle sleeping there. He picked her up and started walking back toward his room; she had wandered really far from the room.

When Alina woke up she felt as if she was walking, only that there was so much warmth that she decided to cuddle depper, that is until she heard the warmth purr and her actions. Just then her eyes fluttered open, and she saw that she was being carried by none other that Damien. How do I know his name? I have never met him!

But that is his name.

How can you be so sure?

Because I am you, and I know as you.

But I did not know that.

Well in some cases I know more than you.

Ah shove it! And with that Alina promptly ignored her brain.

"What's your name?" Damien looked down at her. He was a bit disappointed that she did not recognize him. But he hid it well. He simply answered…


Told ya. Am I good or what? Bow down to me!

You are my brain, get a grip. Those were the only words that passed between them, as they made their way to the room. When they got to the room Damien deposited her on the bed, and just as soon left. Annoyed she did the only thing that occurred to her. She fell asleep.

Chapter 2

It had been three days since she had been taken, to this place. In those three days she learned that it was another realm that held the best of both worlds. The magic, the grandeur and the technology. She had also met Damien's mom, Carrisa. She was a lovely lady about 45 years old, but she looked so young. Carrisa was kind and she explained everything about their world and what it meant to be a soul mate.

"Every creature in this realm has either a soul mate or a mate. It is what distinguishes us from humans. The soul mate can be of any race in this realm, or even sometimes humans, such as yourself. A soul mate may take years to find, some never find their soul mates. If a person does not find their soul mate they feel incomplete, but they will not die. Most of them just pick a wife for themselves. The soul mate is always treasured and put above all else. The other will do al they can to protect their mate."

After all this time and hearing that speech Alina came to one conclusion, and that was that she most likely was Damien's mate. Speaking of Damien Akina had not seen him.

It had been three days and Damien already had enough. It was painful to have his mate so close and yet not be able to spend time with her or even touch her. He yearned to feel her skin, hear her moan his name; hear her purr at his touch. With those thought in mind he left the guest quarters an started walking to his room. It was 6:30 in the morning and she would not wake up until 7. When Damien arrived at the room he saw to his satisfaction that she was still in bed and fast asleep. He entered the bed next to her.

A few minutes later Alina woke up because she felt a presence in the bed other thatn her. When she turned around she saw the it was Damien. His smell ws so intoxicating the she would know it anywhere. Her eyes locked with his. For a moment she could not move, it was as if she was trapped in those icy blue depths. It was almost like her body and heart recognized him He was getting closer to her, wanting to taste those full lips. As he neared her, they never broke contact; he made his intentions clear to her.

She only stared back at him unable to speak or break eye contact. She could feel his hot breath on her face. That jolted her back to reality, and she was about to move away. Not wanting her to leave, he quickly closed the distance between them, took her lips in a gentle and simple kiss. When he felt her respond he growled with pleasure, at her acceptance and quickly rolled on top of her, with pure animalistic need. She could feel him growing as they held their heavy make out session. He was so BIG! His hands eagerly explored all her body, He had waited so long for her and now he had her: his mate.

His tail now joined his hands in the exploration of her body. It touched her at her core, and she let out a very sensual moan, that only increased his desire. His tail continued massaging her, and she arched against him. "Damien" she breathed. Finally she spoke his name! That single thought made him feel possessive, and without ceremony he ripped the clothes right off of her, so they were both naked on the bed. He moved to suck on her neck, and that only made her more aroused, Damian could smell her arousal. Alina never knew that a man could ever make her feel as she did. True she was a virgin, and had never had a boyfriend before, but still. She was brought out of her musings when his head descended on her breast and started sucking, and liking, while the other was being massaged. He continued his ministrations wanting very much to be united to her. There was nothing more he could do to keep himself from plunging into her at that moment so he wrapped his tail around her hips, and took along look at her. No matter how much he needed her he could not take her by force, even if she seemed to be more than willing. He made a move to stand, but Alina wrapped her hips around him, and looked pointedly at him.\

"No." was her firm reply and that was all that he needed to hear, before plunging into her heated core. Alina let out a cry, and he firmly stopped moving. She was a virgin. When they were both spent they lay on the bed trying to recover, but none of them complained. Alina felt different, she felt as if she was bonded to the man beside her, she felt secure and oddly enough very happy. With the warmth emitting from Damien and the comfort that she felt lulled her to sleep almost instantly. She was a virgin. This woman beside him had given herself completely to him without hesitating. So this is how it feels to make love. Not sex, because that was crude, but love. He hugged her tighter to himself, as if to ensure himself that she was real, and then he drifted off to sleep.

When Alina woke up again it was well into the afternoon. She felt a little sore but for some reason she did not regret what had happened between her and the man beside her. She felt loved which was the only reason the only reason she had allowed him to make love to her. She turned around on the bed, meaning to ask him a question, but he was gone.

So he is just like all the other men in the world. I was just a one night stand?! So much for me being able to read people. Jesus I feel so used and stupid! Alina sat up in bed and hugged the sheets. She felt like crying. For some reason she had felt that this man was different. Like they truly were meant to be, they were soul mates after all.

The door opened to allow Damien entrance, and the first thing he did was look towards the bed that held a very frustrated soul mate. Alina felt so stupid, like a clingy woman, he was just in the bathroom for crying out loud. Of course he needed to shower and relieve himself after the was they went on. Making love was definitely taking priority in the best things that had ever happened before.

Damien was making his way toward the bed clad in only his boxers. He took her in his arms and buried his nose in her hair. She smelt so good. He could still not believe that he had finally found her. His soul mate. Whila Damien was lost in his thoughts of how to keep her in bed a while longer Alina noticed that she could feel his heartbeat but there was something off about their heartbeats.

"Our hearts are beating at the same time." She all but whispered

"Yes they will beat as one for the rest of our lives." She looked up at him with curious eyes.

"What are you?"

"My love I am a demon, a very powerful, and influential one at that." For some reason Alina did not have any trouble believing the man in front of her. After all that she had seen in these three days. She would probably believe anything, even in Aliens.

"How do you know that we are meant to be?" She had heard Carrisa's speech but she still had some doubts.

"It was foretold in the stars. I feel it, that you are my only one, the only one I will ever love, and also because of the dreams." Alina stepped back a little so she could look at him straight in the eyes.

"How old are you?"

"Twenty – three."

"Will you live forever?"

"Not forever but for a long time, that I will share with you. From now on we are one. You will never be alone again. Alina smiled She like that thought. She felt incandescently happy. She had forever to love this man, and she was never going to be alone again. With those happy thought Alina accepted her destiny, and thanked whoever was up there for this chance of a lifetime.


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