A Painful Departure with Harry Potter

Harry Potter. This name never went by unnoticed, but on July 21st all this comes to end. Many fans, including me, grew up with Harry in our lives. Some started in second grade, others maybe older, but no matter, we still loved Harry Potter. He inspired us to be like him, to be loyal and to fight for what we believed in. Although we would probably never encounter Voldemort or any of antagonists of the story, we still held that sense of good over evil.

Like me, some fans don't want the last of Harry Potter to come out. As excited as we are, we still don't. We would rather linger for longer, trying to stall for more time before our final good-bye. We would say, "Wait until I'm ready," but the truth was, we would never be ready. If you looked at it, how could we be? How could we depart someone that we had known for so long? Not only Harry, but also Ron and Hermione, maybe even Draco and Pansy. Through every book, we witnessed their growing up, and as they did, so did we.

The Harry Potter Series is concluding, and the most we can do for Harry, is to remember all the lessons he taught us. Of: good over evil, bravery, loyalty, unwillingness to give up, and of course, hope. No matter how bad the situation was, Harry never gave up; he would grasp on to that last speck of hope and saved the day. We would remember all the lessons, and do better because of it. After all, we are Harry Potter fans, devoted and loyal. We wouldn't want to disappoint him would we?

Only a few more days until our painful departure with Harry Potter, before we truly let go…

It doesn't matter whether he lives or dies, because he will always live in our hearts, forever. We love Harry, and no other boy can ever replace him. Tears befall, as I come to the end of this essay

Seconds tick by, and our last encounter with Harry Potter comes nearer. Some of us grew up with Harry; we grew up idolizing him and admiring him. But as his childhood ends in the seventh book, so does ours. While he leaves to deal with the wizarding world, we are faced with the countless obstacles of our own. But fear not! Harry Potter has gotten us ready. With his every adventure, he has trained us to be like him, a brave and loyal Gryffindor!

MistariaPotter/Angelpotter (Leona)

Ps: Good-bye Harry Potter, good-bye all (no, I don't plan on suicide, lol).