The shadows of scars
And the ghosts of fears
Surpass all the years,
And the very masks you once used to wear
Are very hard to bear
As you try and you swear
"I'm not like that anymore";
You've shut your old self
Behind a door, you said you won't be like before
You'll be sweeter, and nicer, and sane.
But isn't it hard when life throws you a card
To retain your composure
And to come to a closure
Of old wounds and past hidden pain?

Ah, but put on your grin and begin again
To wipe away your tears, those fears,
And all those horrible years;
You are you, and that's all you can be
You now and you then,
As depression is only a regression
Of happiness,
You are the sum
Of who you are, were, and will become.

The scars will always be there
It's your own cross to bear
But at least now you can swear,
"I used to be in pain but now I can grin again
And even if the old me
is hidden in the sea of my psyche
I am myself,
I am strong,
And I can at least smile."