A/N: Well, people who know me will find this kinda...new, since this isn't my personality, but I was in a somewhat demented mood and had this tune in my head which I've written these words to...well, I'm not sure if it was 'me' that was writing it cause I felt all possessed and scribbled the words without thinking of them onto paper. But nevertheless, in my mind, it's like sung by Evanescence or Nightwish and then has those 'demonic roar' voice of all these screaming but then a soft mysterious sad voice singing another part at the same time. Have fun!

Song #616-6 !?FUN?!


How long can this go on for?
Why is it the pain's still stuck on me?
What else is there beside this hate?
What are we trying to achieve here?

Cause then ('cuz then)
We look on
With our heart so empty;
Never lookin' back at our fun

(All fun)
What fun?
What demented damned up souls
Harm people all FOR FUN?

Chorus: Here

Lead: You see these tears


You mock and glee in joy


I see you now


With HATRED all insidE

Lead: Tormenting in laughs
You've no where to go
(To go)
Except in your hellish home

(And then…)

(Heavy instrumental to fade)

And then
We look back,
And see how late we were
To ruin all your fucking-damn fun
(Your fun)


Lead:With no one beside you,

Let me

All your friends no where behind you

Out, I am


Vengeful, for...

Are you having fun?

Evil has

When all your dreams are nightmares

Messed up my

Your fears turn into re-ali-ty

Empire of delicate souls...


Why don't you have fun
You wanted it this far
So why look back at dark glances behind

(Flute and violin plays for soft sad tune...and maybe piano!)

You are all monsters
Who've stirred up this creature
Who, looks like you,
Just wanted,

...Wanted some fun…