At this present time, there are at least 100 more people that are living worse a life than you, or in the same situation as you. Your crisis is shared with them. Your difficulties are shared with them. No one person is alone when something is hard, depressing, annoying or sad.

Most of the time, we don't think this. We feel sorry for ourselves. We drown in our own puddle of sorrow. But that's normal behaviour. That's what we do. But that's what those other 100 people are doing as well. They feel alone, lost – yet neither do they know that they have 100 other people like them as well, and so on.

It can be hard to get over your own little crisis. It can be hard to understand how life can go on normally around while you are stuck in a jail cell filled with loneliness and your own, negative thoughts. The average person would usually consider it their own problem, to try and work it out themselves. But you see, the average person is likely to fail. The ones that turn to help are the ones most likely to succeed in passing this time of loneliness, self-failure, depression, or whatever else needs to be "cured".

But why do I write this? Why am I writing about people's depression and people's anger? People's emotions and people's feelings towards life? Because it is not realized among the people of today – the magazine editors, the authors, the hosts, the leaders of today's society that OTHER people suffer. Not just the one's that write in and state that they have problem, not just the one's that state they need help. It's the people that don't speak up, write in and state what is wrong.

For everyone out there that is keeping quite about something that is wrong, something they feel, an emotion or situation they are not happy about, I feel for you. For the 100 people that are in my situation and anybody else's, I thankyou, for in a way, you are proof that there IS at least 100 people out there coping like me, and in some way, you are there for me, and I ma there for you. For the person's who feel the need to end their life, end someone else's or are causing self harm, I cry for you, and I pray for you,

And for all the people, for everyone in the world, I hope for you. Because there is not one single person on this earth who lives a perfectly perfect life, have everything they want, have no problems whatsoever, have no need to feel angry, or sad, or depressed, or hurt, or full of hate and sorrow.

Everyone has there own little crisis. And for every crisis there is a person. And for every person, there are at least another 100 people on this earth suffering, or in your situation, or worse. They are there for you, and you are there for them.

No one magazine, or show, or newspaper or article can cover everyone's little crisis and help every single person on the planet. There are help for certain people in certain magazines and articles and whatever else…."how to feel better about your body" or "how to get over a tragic loss". Yet most of the time this is not the help we need – and most of the time, we can't even help ourselves. We need to be surrounded by those 100 people that share our sorrow, anger, sadness, loss, hate or whatever other crisis you may be in.

Those other people that share your crisis may be nowhere near you, located on the other side of the earth, and you most likely will not know them. But know they look for you, and know that they are just like you, feel just the same, have the same crisis and want your help.

Never feel alone or lost again. Always know that those 100 other people, wherever they may be, that they know you, and know how and why you feel this way. They may not know YOU, but they know what you go through, and they know how and why you suffer.