There is a wretchedness.

Echo, Echo.

Where emotions are chains and leashes

With no tags.

So how will we know you,

Echo, Echo?

Whose eyes flicker with flames in mirrors.

With nothingness.

There are we whose tongues drip with poisons,

Unknowing but toxic.

Release me from my prison

And I'll return your sight.

Your freedom.

Echo, Echo.

Who do you belong to?

Not the shadow of an image but a voice.

Are you a secret,

Echo, Echo?

Or are you a lie?

To lie with my dreams and confusion once more.

Why have you betrayed me,

Echo, Echo?

We were as one, but now reverberate.

With no harmony.

Or am I at fault,

Echo, Echo?
The catalyst

Bearing a message melancholy.

I do not adore you.

Perhaps I abhor you?

Confusion once more, you

Say I'm at fault.

At fault, at fault my

Echo, Echo.

I feel I am roaming,

flying to no end.

My fingertips bleed,

Echo, Echo.

I bite them for you.

I know you love rose.

Crimson and scarlet, dear

Echo, Echo.

My pain is nothing to your

Darkness, despair.

So how may I cheer you,

Echo, Echo?

As I spill myself out in an ocean

Of cells.

I'll wear my good mask for you,

Echo, Echo.

May together we masquerade,

Forever as one.

I do not abhor you.

Perhaps I adore you?

I'll keep you forever, my

Echo, Echo.