Little Piece Inside

That little piece inside of me

That says I don't wanna die

Gets smaller all the time

And I can't tell you why

Because every word I say

Always ends up hurting you

Which I just don't understand

What am I supposed to do?

Why when I say you hurt me

You say I'm being bad?

Why when I ask you to stop

Do you only get more mad?
I just can't take any more

The pain has become too much

And every day that passes

I lose more of the touch

With that little piece inside

That tells me to hold on

Just a little while longer

But it's almost gone

And every day I fight the need

But it keeps on getting stronger

Suicide gains more appeal

Just can't hold on any longer

I'm losing it

My mind, my heart, my soul

And I just can't keep a hold

I've lost my self-control

And that little, tiny piece

Dies a little more each day

With everything I do

With everything you say

A/N: This is what I wrote in a fit of anger at my mother, because she was pushing me so much those weeks because I was so depressed. I felt horrible, and she wouldn't leave me alone.

And, in some ways, I love her for that.

Luv ya,

Tashi :)