She waited, sitting silently in a tall wooden chair, staring at the door. It was the longest wait she'd ever endured, although it might have only been a couple of hours. She knew exactly who was coming, and she knew exactly, to the final detail, what was going to happen. There was no escaping it, no way out.
She would die. She had to die. She had to save him. He was all that mattered.
The front door burst into sharp wooden pieces, flinging all throughout the room. A tall, muscular man walked through the door. He was wearing a dark pair of blue jeans, and that was all. No shirt, no shoes. Sweat dripped down his perfectly tanned chest and muscular stomach. His long black hair reached just past his shoulders, and he had eyes to match it. Black eyes. Evil eyes.
He smiled malignantly, and moved closer to her.
She stood still, trying not to show her fear. Her eyes were no longer green, they were completely white, with enlarged black pupils floating in the center.
"Ha… expecting me, were you?" he said, glancing over at the table of potions and swords.
She was silent.
"You can't win." he whispered, venom laced in his words.
His long claw-like nails slashed her across her paled face. Blood trickled down her cheeks and neck, staining her shirt. Her eyes regained color.
"Not even going to fight back, darling?"
"Very well." He turned around, then let out a deep roar. In seconds, his jeans flew off in all directions. Denim shreds landed among the splintered shards of the door. His tan skin darkened, and hair sprouted on every inch of his body. His already large stature grew to be even larger. An enormous, black, vicious werewolf stood only a few feet in front of her.
He whipped around to face her, snarling, and showing off his teeth. He let out another roar and jumped on her, biting her neck and clawing her back.
She lay on the floor, gasping and struggling to breathe. Almost dead. She could feel the metallic stickiness of her own blood as it pooled around her.
And then her lover had arrived, bursting through the doorframe, panicked and furious. The werewolf snarled, and escaped through a glass window into night's cloak of darkness. He began to chase after it, and then she spoke.
"No…" she gasped, fighting death with her final breaths of life.
He raced to her side, and pulled her beautiful face up closer to his. He cried while clutching onto her dark hair, rocking her in his arms. "I'm so sorry." he cried, "I'm so sorry."
"Find her. You must… find her." she whispered so softly, but he heard.
"Find Elizabeth?" he asked over his heavy sobs.
"Find her, please. Hurry." Her breath was running short. She didn't have much time.
"I will. I promise, darling. I promise." He was crying harder.
She smiled over her gentle tears and blood spattered face. "I love you." she whispered. Her eyes shut.
"NO!" he screamed in tortured agony. He held her closer, tighter. He sobbed into her soft, blood-soaked hair, "I love you."