A/N: This poem was inspired by the effects of Auschwitz and the second World War. Please review and leave as many constructive comments as you can, I'd love to improve this as well as some of my other writings.


So they say we're all the same,

And they took away my name,

Now I'm curled up, like a dog, under the snow.

I'm missing more than teeth,

And my heart is filled with grief,

I'm so ashamed, so afraid and so alone.

I think they're leaving now,

But I'll stay here lying down,

My legs have lost their strength, my mind it's will.

There's nothing left behind,

And no one left who minds,

It's me against the world here anyway.

I know I won't be missed,

There's nobody left to kiss,

I'll say my good-byes here all by myself.

And while I drift away,

With no doubts or fears, I'll say,

"I died before I came here anyhow."