A/N:I wrote this poem while mourning the loss of a dear friend and family member. It helped alot, but I try not to cry when I read it anymore. I hope you like it, but if you don't- no flames or harsh reviews please. This one does mean alot to me.


I can't look outside the window.

The clouds that drift over your footsteps,

You were there light and dark and all the shades in-between.

They float slowly past and I know you are with them,

Fading away from me, silent.

Silent- and why don't you speak anymore?

You laughed and spoke once.

Maybe with happiness, maybe all the time.

But now? Only silence. No feeling, no warmth.

Not even anger. It escapes you. And you're calm.

But are you better for it? This calm, does it complete you?

Are you whole now? Or are you sad? Do you miss us?


I guess I'll never know. And maybe I never should.

But you should know. You deserve to know.

And I hope you always do.

We love you, we miss you.

And we're silent.

For you.

Love you so much, Shiro.