A/N: Inspired by an interview with an anonymous Auschwitz victim I watched in class. It's amazing how these things affect people.

Disclaimer: Everything written here I thought of myslef, minus the quotes. The quotes are from the interview I watched, but the speaker was anonymous.

Dying in the Past

He looks all through the night and day,

For time he lost and never found.

The only thing he knows for sure:

His feet refuse to find the ground.

The cold still lingers deep inside,

Heart doesn't want to beat.

No matter when the seasons change,

There's always something to defeat.

And as his heart and soul decay,

And as his mind gives in,

The first and last he ever said:

"I'll never let them win."

He'll close his eyes and fight inside,

And try to hide with lies.

But knows and whispers to himself,

"I'll never be alive."