A/N: Poem I got published in 7th grade. :P

Shattered Prism

Grey is the color of mystery,

Like the fog surrounding the secrets of those who will not reveal themselves.

Red is the color of blood spilled on the battlefield,

When all the world is changed and the sky rains red acid.

Green is the color of jealousy,

When those who have nothing covet those who seem to have it all,

But in truth have nothing.

Blue is the color of hope,

Like the sky after the stormy night has passed.

Orange is the color of the spirit of a brazen young girl,

Willing to stand up for what she knows is right.

Yellow is false hope, false happiness,

The painless smile shown by those who want to keep their secrets.

Purple is grand, loud, the color of pride,

The cloak worn by a queen in the presence of her enemies.

Indigo is dark, the color of a heart

Made hard by a love long lost,

And black isn't a color, though it surrounds us each day.