this is really short sorry.

I am not going to lie I found this day a little odd. I could not stop thinking about the Air walks dude. He had nice legs, a soothing voice, and a person named Bryce thinking he is full of bullshit. I wondered what happened at the store. The more I thought about it the more horrible the situation seemed.

Sometimes I always just feel a little insecure about myself. Therefore, this situation with an extremely good-looking Gemo person was not going to do anything for my self-esteem. Therefore, I had a habit of replaying things 10 times worse.

I was getting ready for this art show. This person named Maxell set up the show. He is debuting his all his paintings and sculptures.

"He spent six years in isolation reading books and writing pages upon pages of macabre. He went absolutely mad." My mother spoke of this man with admiration as if he was pure genius and not just some creep.

I was in the spare bedroom combing my hair for the umpteen times. My mom has the best hair in the world. It is so soft, dark, and long. When she wets her hair, it formed into corkscrews and curls. I use to sit on her lap and play with her hair. However, that was before her alcohol problem worsened. I use to think she was dead when she came home at three in morning falling over everything and her undies in her hand.

I on the other hand had received my dad's hair. It was so thick, tight, and rough. I couldn't really do anything unless I permed it, but I had the worst track records with perms. I always ended up having a bald spot or half my hair breaking. For some odd reason I had a good hair day. My mom had the most expensive shampoos and she let me use it.

So any ways I was getting ready for this art show while thinking about this Gemo guy. I put the comb the down I felt I won this battle.

I walked to the full-length mirror checking myself out. My hair didn't look to bad. My makeup was great; my black stiletto shoes perfect, black dress awesome. I felt so confident nothing was going to make bring me down.