Bed of the Dead

I woke from my slumber on a hot summer morning weak and tired as the sun rose above me traveling the light blue sky. My body was weak and decaying, but my spirit was strong even though given this weak body that couldn't handle the immense power I muster. Sad that I can only keep this body for such a short period of time, it's actually one that I care for. Maybe I'll keep this appearance longer. After I contemplated on this little unimportant issue that didn't matter at the moment I crawled out of bed, most unwillingly, and went to my closet to pick an outfit out of my wardrobe. It took awhile for me to choose an outfit, for I wanted to look presentable tonight. Today is a special night indeed.

Finally grabbing the outfit most desirable for tonight's affairs, I depart to the bathroom and prepare my shower. Making sure my water was nice and cold I set aside the clothes I was going to wear and stripped off my pajamas then climbed into the shower. I stood beneath the cold, what some people would call freezing, water and moaned joyfully as the water fell upon my sickly pale skin. It felt wonderful to be under the cold water once again, even if it has only been since yesterday evening. I take out my small rubber band that held my chin length raven hair and wrap it around my bruised wrist. As I stood underneath the water I started to wash my body with wet soil when the water suddenly went hot, what I call flaming, on me. Since I heard no one come in I immediately assume someone flushed the stool down stairs on the first floor and I am usually right.

Though, putting that aside I move away from the flaming water to up against the shower wall and waited for the water to get back to my temperature. After awhile the water did get back to the temperature I had it, but I already decided to end my cleansing time and was already drying my body off. When I was drying my body some skin fell to the tiled floor causing my arm to show what's underneath the skin, which being muscle. I growled in aggravation at this and hurriedly dressed myself into my best and most presentable outfit I own. My outfit consisted of all black, dress shoes, silk loose buttoned up dress shirt with a dress vest over it and dress pants and then to add to that a black cloak, if it wasn't too obvious about the color, and even a pair of white gloves. I grab my pajamas and set for my room to put my night clothing away without even worrying over the decaying skin on the floor of the bathroom. There was no sense in it at all to worry over such a trivial matter since my skin, whether decaying or healthy, would just disperse and disappear into nothingness.

After ridding of my night clothing I went forth to the living room to see if my dear younger brother was there and set to go. Once down the stairs I reach the living room just around the corner of the kitchen, and there I find my brother dressed and set to go. He wore casual clothing; a pair of fading, with quite the number of holes, blue jeans, a red tee shirt, skateboarding shoes and a black cap hiding his short raven hair. He turned his head towards my direction and gave a disgruntled look at me, "Gabriel, dude, can't you dress normal for once in your life and not embarrass me. The way you dress is so old fashioned!" These words that greeted me were no surprise so I gave him my usual reply, "I will dispose of my clothing fashion once you fetch a new useful brain you could trade for your puny one, William." He, of course, groaned in annoyance at this sinking back into his seat on the couch, "You'll never change. The way you talk and the way you act and dress will never change! It's no wonder you can't get laid OR get a girl."

"Unlike you, my dear little brother, my hormones are the last thing on my mind."

"At least I can get a girl and get laid all at the same time."

"Like I have said before, hormones are the last thing on my mind and just because you have brought home every girl you've ever got with since your blooming age of puberty does not mean I have the urge to do the same. This conversation is over."

Footsteps came from the stairs and to the living room we were conversing in then a grown woman in about her late 40's entered with curlers in her red hair wearing a robe over her night clothing and slippers. "G' morning, kids." She said lighting a cigarette. William swished his hand in the air in our mother's sight so it was visible to her as a reply while I gave her a curt nod and replied, "Good morning, mother." "Ya'll leaving now fer ya brotha's day out?" She asked as she went into the kitchen to fetch her morning coffee.

"Yes." I answer.

"Well, don't let me keep ya waitin'. Go 'head and leave. Have fun."

I nod and William, who has been watching from the corner of his eyes probably waiting for the signal to leave, he rose from the couch and walked towards the door. He disappeared through the door to the outside without saying a word mother, I said good bye to her and disappeared after William. The bright rays of light blinded me for a moment when I set foot outside my house, but gained my sight back after awhile and saw before me William standing by the lamp post smoking a cigarette waiting for me. I walk up to him and we both start walking up the sidewalk to the most lively section of town, though I do not necessarily call that section of town lively like some people would.

A couple hours go by in a flash as we walked all around this little town, not knowing what to do with ourselves, at least on William's part any way. On my part, I knew exactly what to do with myself except I knew I had to wait until tonight to do any sort of thing so I thought my plan over and over in my mind. Of course, I thought about new ways to go about it, but I am sure the way I thought it all out years ago will do just fine. It was the more entertaining way of to go about things in the plan and most unmerciful. A gurgling sound came erupting to my ears and I knew exactly who's gurgling it was, "Shall we get some refreshments, William?" William blushed in embarrassment at the fact that his stomach growled loud enough for me to hear. I knew it was not me for I never get famished for refreshments like food and drinks of soda. Nothing of that sort, but of other sorts of refreshments. A smirk grew upon my lips at the thought of those "refreshments" and caused William to glance at me suspiciously. "What are you smirking about?" He asked.

I just shook my head, "Do not worry about it." With that I led him to the diner to get some food so he can be fed. When we entered the diner we saw his little friends sitting at a booth talking and eating. He saw them and made haste to the counter to make his order of what he wanted while I sat where his friends were and made myself comfortable, though they didn't like the fact that I was sitting at the same booth as them. After making his order he came back and sat with us. He did not really need to order his lunch at the counter, but apparently he wanted to order his meal over the counter. I look over to the counter and see a young woman about the same age as William, which is about 17 only two years younger than me, and I guess to other people, in their eyes, she is beautiful. To me, though, I think she is pretty disturbing to gaze at.

William spoke with his friends as he waited for his meal and sat listening, that is until they started talking ill of me that I had the nerve to barge in the conversation. "Why is your brother so weird?" One of the obnoxious of the friends asked.

"You would not believe me if I told the truth." Was my reply to him.

"Then answer this, why do you look like that?" Another asked arrogantly.

"Why does this topic of what I appear like concern the likes of you and your foolishness?"

"Guys, don't even try to get answers from him. He's like a box of rocks." William said, intervening on the argument.

"I think he's cute." One of the girls said blushing furiously. Every single person looked at her disgusted that is in the booth and I even felt disgusted at the mere thought of the girl liking me. It is disgusting. The type of girl she is is one of those giddy and babbling ones. As much I have seen of her she thinks that she has a chance with men if she acts innocent and bashful, but then once she gets them she is a flirtatious one in the group. So I just have to reply with a comment of my own, "Odd, because, personally, my thoughts on you are not the same. I think you are quite hideous on the eyes if you dared to ask me what my thoughts were on you." I grinned at the reaction she gave me. Her cheeks were puffed out in anger and her face was crimson with rage, her eyes glinting dangerously at me. "If you can not handle the truth then you should not say such ridiculous things towards me." That was it for her for she left immediately stood on her feet, slamming her hands on the table with rage and stomped out of the diner. Only a few went after her while two stayed behind to, I assume, to keep William company while he had to be with me, probably feeling sorry for him for having to suffer with me for the whole day. I probably would too if I was in his shoes, though I already feel bad for myself.

This time I let the three speak amongst themselves with not having me interrupt their conversation and after a long while, after William was done eating and talking, we finally leave the diner and started walk around the town once again. As soon as we have left the diner it closed and the employees left for their respective homes. It was around ten o'clock at night and the stars were in the dark night sky barely visible because of the lights of the town beaming light for people to see out to the streets, the moon was high in the sky full and bright, light glowing from it. I felt more alive than ever under the shimmering light of the moon and I tilted my head back then gazed at the beauty of the moon, letting the light bathe what part of my skin that was showing. William, on the other hand, groaned and began to drag me along since I halted to stop.

We walked around for another few more hours until it became twelve-thirty in the morning when I finally spoke through the silence between us, "William, there is a place I would like to take you to." He looked at me oddly and shrugged an 'I do not care' shrug at me so I began to lead the way to one of the most beautiful places in the world. I led him out of town and to a toned stairway that led to a place where the rest of my plan takes the control of things. Pretty soon I came to a halt once we made it to the top of the stairway in front of a stone table where words engraved around the edges of the stone. The surrounding area was all of stone walls and marble pillars between each stone wall with red and silver tapestries hanging down from the marble ceiling, the floor was made of gold and the place expanded about as large as a football field making plenty of room for some to make a mess. Though, the place was cleaner than the last I have been here. Last time it was filled with crimson and decaying corpses were surrounding the room. I did not dare look behind me to see the expression I knew William was giving me, that expression of oddness that I hated so much. "What is this place?" I heard him ask as I felt him glance around the large room. A cynical smirk spread across my face as I answered, "This is the home of the dead. It leads those that died and didn't want to pass to the after life to be able to form a new body for themselves and live in the realm of their choice, but you have to keep on feeding the flesh to the dead and yourself to keep the body you created sustained. It is like a matter of sacrificing and it could be any living being of the person's choosing. The stone table in the middle of the room is the Bed of the Dead where all the bodies are taken to be used."

I could already feel the disgust on his face as heard it be said to him. Before he could speak more or ask more questions I commanded quietly so he could not hear what I say, "Attach him to the stone table, the Bed of the Dead." No sooner after I have made the command did it take place and I found William attached to the stone table, ready for my next command. He was confused and even afraid of what was going on, but I had a good feeling that he finally came to the conclusion that he was on my list. I held my hand up in front of my chest and a dark misty cloud appeared above it then that cloud changed into a dagger. My feet treaded to the side of the table and I gazed at the whimpering boy on it. I could only smirk at his state as I lifted the dagger above my head and then have my hands stab the whimpering boy forcefully in the gut. Blood oozed out once I took out the dagger and watched as William squirmed and whimpered in agony. I kept up the stabbing in every area of his body, blood oozed and spurted on me and when the blood got on me I took the liberty to eat at the flesh on his leg.

"Wh-what are y-you?" He managed to croak out before he went out like a light, dead. Yet I still answered his question because I believe that the dead hear every word said by the living, "A pariah of the dead. If you do not know what that means then you will find out when the dead are ready to tell you." My expression became a cynical maniac one as I turned my back on the body and walked to the entrance then once I was there I took a look at my arm. I pulled my sleeve up to my elbow and set my eyes upon it, finding my arm becoming undecayed and normal once again. Before I left I said this one thing I say each time I come and replenish my body and satisfy the hunger of the dead, "Ghosts haunt him for the rest of his dreams in the afterlife. Vultures feast upon his eyes. Vampires suckle on his blood. Dead come and suck his soul to you. All those that are dead and those alive that feast upon the flesh of the living enjoy your feast until the next we meet once again in the Replenishing."