Fallen Angel of the Heavens

Where I was living after death was the most breath taking place ever created by the hands of God. The place was heaven and it was indescribable. To many believers it's a place of paradise with celebrations with our heavenly father, which is true as I have witnessed it when I first died. Though, when I died and came to heaven I was fairly surprised by it, considering that I wasn't at all much of a believer in the bible or even religious for that matter.

When I was alive I was always getting into trouble, unfaithful in any relationship of any kind and even cursed sometimes. That wasn't all, but the general idea is that I wasn't exactly an angel and dying at a young age before even considering to change my ways was surprisingly fast. Everything that happened that day of my death and the reason God let come through the gates of heaven into his home, those reasons are uncertain to me, even to this day.

But when I stood at the gates of heaven before the heavenly father I felt clean and worthy as he stood with his hand held out to me of all people. I was pure. Of course, though, it didn't last very long for me. My heart was still clinging to my old ways as I watched from heaven the people below it. As I watched people have their daily lifestyle, especially those with a criminal lifestyle and listened to their views on things that were different from the next person. Everybody who had the same views as me, I would start to question and even think the way things worked in the world.

I started to do things behind God's back even though I knew that he knows everything that anyone and anything did, it didn't stop me. My mind started to get full of thoughts that did not belong in a saintly place like heaven and my ways became disgraceful once again. This worried many of my fellow angels and caused the heavenly father, much to his dismay, to let me go, leaving the paradise behind me. After that I became a fallen angel. My pure white clothes and wings that shined brightly and never got filthy became pitch black, even darker than night itself.

When this happened I knew I was no longer an angel of heaven anymore, I was an angel that roams the earth that can't be seen by people, an angel that was what she could be, an angel that could as she wished to do. A fallen angel.

The sign of the fallen angels came upon the palm of my right hand as a sheering pain filled my hand as the symbol etched into my palm, like it was getting hacked into pieces by a chainsaw with flames burning upon it. I tossed, turned and curled and uncurled at the pain, whimpering the whole time it went. The pain worsened as it got deeper going over it again and again then once it was done the pain continued, but lessened as time went by in the minutes going by. Once the pain subsided I lifted the palm of my right hand and gazed at it. The symbol was of a right side up F and an upside down F right next to it inside an A. The symbol had my blood flowing out of it from the etching cutting pain had embodied.

My body ached and was tired from the pain that took my energy away that caused me to slip into unconsciousness. My opinions were once again free to spread, my life is somewhat in my own hands again, my ways were with her again and most of all…I could see the places I only heard in tales, myths or even rumors. First off, I want to go see the underworld.

Upset Nerve