Chapter 1: Gabriel Hemmington.

Soundtrack: Be with you – Enrique Iglesias

Gabriel Hemmington leaned his elbows on the railing of his balcony, rolling one of Riley's cheap cigarettes around with two of his fingers. Normally he wouldn't touch one of those things for a thousand bucks, but today he needed to calm his nerves. Hell, he was gonna kidnap the daughter of a vampire lord in two hours. He was probably going to be killed for it, if he even got through with it, but he needed her for leverage in a … negotiation.

He shut his eyes tight for a moment, and brought the cigarette to his lips for a puff. The wind ruffled his dark hair, and he felt relaxed. For a second. Until his goddamned mind had to conjure her up.

His heart ached at that moment, for her, for them. Tianna Bryon. Jesus, she was so beautiful, with her copper-colored curls, those honey brown eyes, but most of all, that pink sensuous mouth. He wanted her so damn much, even through all these years. She was the reason why he hadn't been able to fuck any girl these past 2 years. Maybe that was a little extreme-sounding, especially to humans, but that was the way vampires functioned. Their hearts belonged to one and one only. His heart pumped for her and her only. Only she didn't know it, and he planned to keep it that way. It was for their own good.

He slammed a fist into the railing, bringing it down again and again until his fist became bloody and he became aware of a dull pain in his hand. But even as he watched, the skin began healing, growing over the blood. He couldn't kill himself if he tried.


Gabriel closed his eyes again. It was time to go. Time to bring Tianna back, to her old gang.

He turned towards the bulky man standing between the open ledge doors of the balcony, and nodded, his eyes turning to gray flecks of steel.

"Let's go."