Chapter 3: The Chanel dress, and kicking of dicks.

Soundtrack: Obsession – Frankie J ft Baby bash.

Thinking about your beauty, it makes me weak.

For a second, Gabe's throat constricted as he gazed down at Tee, lying limply in his arms. God, she was even more beautiful than he remembered. Those feathery soft copper curls curled over her neck, and lay over a breast. Her eyelids were gently shut, and a pair of eyelashes donned them, curling slightly at the end, making her the picture of innocence. And that was what she had been, innocent, until he had come along.

"I'll take her," Danny stepped forward and offered, already holding out his arms.

Gabe snarled at him. He'd like that, wouldn't he? Danny had always had a soft spot for Tee. Deep down, he knew Danny meant her no harm, held no lecherous thoughts, but the jealous, possessive beast inside him refused to believe that. "I've got her," He snapped at Danny, and he cradled Tee closer to his chest. Nobody was going to hold her, except him.

"Man, just offering," Danny backed off, his arms held up in surrender, his eyes a little reproachful as he eyed Gabriel. Though, he knew why Gabe wanted to hold her. He loved her, more than he loved anything. Any fool could see that, except apparently for Tianna. Which was ironic, because Tee wasn't any damned fool, but maybe it was the way Gabe treated her. Anyone who didn't know better would think that the two of them were enemies.

"We have to go," Serena spoke up, a little urgently, as she spied a few figures lingering at the doorway of the house.

The gang moved at ease, slipping around trees like shadows, and before long, they'd reached a small SUV van. Bobby moved into the driver's seat and Riley into the passenger's while the rest clambered into the back, and they were peeling into the highway in 5 minutes.

Gabe kept his arm tightly locked around Tianna's tiny waist, keeping her close to him. The scent of her hair tantalized his senses, the trademark intoxicating smell of Tee. He hadn't inhaled her scent for so long.

"You can let her go now, boss," Kage eyed Gabe's arm in amusement.

Gabe was going to kill Kage if he even opened his mouth a second time. "Shut the fuck up," he scowled at Kage, his eyes flashing dangerously, warning what was going to come if he didn't.

Kage got the hint, and sat back, shrugging. He didn't want to deal with an angry Gabe. A furious Gabe, was a force not to be reckoned with.

"Well, that whole thing was easier than I thought," Serena commented, flipping her pretty blonde hair back and reaching forward to finger Tee's dress.

"That thing's Chanel!" She burst out in outrage, as if wearing Chanel was a crime.

Gabe glared at her, and shifted Tee a little further away from Serena. "I don't see a problem with that," he said frostily, then looked down at Tee. She looked real sexy in Chanel, he decided. But then again, she looked sexy in everything.

"She doesn't even like Chanel!" Serena pointed an accusing finger at Tianna, and narrowed her eyes at Gabe. "She swore she would never, ever in her life wear Chanel,"

Nobody replied, and she sat back in a huff, still eyeing Tee. "She's changed." She declared.

Danny, who hadn't said anything since the offer to carry Tee, leaned forward, rolling his eyes plainly for Serena. "You think she's changed because she's wearing Chanel," he stated.

Serena glared at Danny with all the animosity she could muster, for implying that she was being ridiculous.

"It's all your fault, boss," Kage spoke up too, a small smirk on his face. "You've been so busy with the whole Tee plan you haven't been looking out for our welfare. Now Surrey's gone all damn demented,"

Gabe finally cracked a smile, looking at Serena's indignant flashing golden orbs. Deciding to humor her further, he said, "Yeah, you're right, man. I should probably get you a nice psycho doc when we get back,"

The van stopped then, pulling into a garage, and it was a good thing for Serena had started to sulk. She'd always been the target of the boys' jokes, being the youngest, and a pretty little thing. But deep down all of them loved her, like a sister.

The gang headed for the house and followed Gabe up to the guest room, where he deposited Tianna on the bed. She shifted in her slumber, and that pretty little forehead puckered up in a frown before she mumbled something intangible, something that sounded much like his name. She turned to her side, and that tight little dress moved up a fraction on her creamy thighs, nearly revealing her thong-clad ass.

He stared at her body. Her full breasts rose up and down peacefully in her sleep, and that trim tiny waist gave way to a pair of hips that he'd caressed countless times. Her shapely legs were spread a little open on the bed, and he wanted her so bad he was hard just looking at her. He moved away, but not before he saw her glossy pink lips part, just a fraction.

He needed to get away from her. Before he did anything that he would regret.

"Should we tie her up, boss?" Riley asked, eyeing her suspiciously, and holding up a piece of rope that looked rough and mean.

He wanted to laugh. Tee couldn't hurt an ant if she tried. On the other hand, a little bondage wouldn't hurt. Just so she knew what her position was, who was in charge here. Still, he didn't want to hurt her, so he shrugged. "Whatever you want."

He moved down to the kitchen.

Back in the guest room, Riley lifted Tianna's arms and wound the rope around her wrists, tying it to the bedpost.

"You're kidding, right?" Bobby said in disbelief.

Danny shook his head violently, and his wild mane of chestnut curls flew all over. He thumped Bobby on the back once. "He's nuts, man. He's tying up our old boss, and he's going to hell when she wakes."

Riley lifted his head to glare at them. "She didn't kick your fucking dick!"

Riley finished with the wrists, and moved on to the ankles, only to find that he had nothing to tie them to, and he had to give up. He looked up, and jabbed this thumb at his friends. "Thanks for the help," he snapped.

Serena, Bobby, Danny and Kage all sighed. Riley was going straight to hell when Tee woke, and they wanted no part in it.