Hi! Judy Paris here! I'm willing to tell you a story about ghosts, mediators, jealousy, time travel, secrets, accusations of being witches, but most importantly, hot guys. You might think I'm joking but it's true, I like my hot guys and I know you ladies do, too. My friend, Emily, also plays a big part in my story. If it wasn't for her, Nicholas would of never been in the… er… condition he was in when I first met him. Speaking of ghosts, there really is a ghost named Nicholas Grean who is hot like the African sun and he really did die in the room I was in and the history of his death really happened but not exactly as I said it did. Well, I'm getting carried away just a smidge so I'll tell you how it all started, from chapter one:

I See Dead People, kinda

The hardest part of moving, and don't disagree because you know it's true, is packing. Packing takes forever! You have to organize everything then put them in boxes that look exactly alike and then lift them when you weigh, like, 105 pounds but the box your carrying is 300 pounds. Okay, it really doesn't weigh 300 but it feels like it. I wouldn't be surprised if they had a box built to hold your Honda Civic. Mom really got me though; she said " We're moving to Florida!" Yay! Now I can go to Disney forever! After this little exercise, I wanted to shoot Mickey Mouse.

" You're going to make new friends, honey." My mom told my little brother.

Brad was sweating just as bad as I was. His dark brown hair hung a little over his long eyelashes. His arms were crossed and he was mad because he has to work like a good little boy and he can't hang out with his friends, the gremlins.

" But my new friends aren't gonna be like the ones here!" he complained.

Yeah, your new friends are going to look like a duck, a dog, and a mouse.

" Trust me, honey, you'll see your old friends again." Smiled mom.

Yeah, you'll see them again- in ten years, when you guys end up in the insane asylum.

" When will I see them again?" he asked eagerly.

Someone knocked on the door in a rhythmatic pattern. Brad's friend, Chris, does that.

" Right now." My devious mother of mine said.

Brad wined a little more but then ran to the door and slipped on his sneakers. He slammed the door behind him.

" Sure, you can go play outside." My mom said, almost to herself.

" Mom, I'm going to miss my friends." I said.

" You'll make more."

" I don't like a lot of friends. I want to keep my special ones."

" Princess, you know how much this means to me."

" I know you can't stand living someplace for too long, but doing so is costing Brad's childhood and mine's." I explained.

" Don't you want to see Mickey?"

" Yeah, when I was nine." I said.

" Judy Moore Paris! Please, just finish packing!" she shouted.

Not even a minute into the argument, she starts screaming at me. Brad? No, he's still "a kid". I did as she said and continued packing. I wondered how our house would look like. Will it have mouse ears? God, no. Or else I'm sleeping in the gutter. Even the thought of my house having mouse ears and a pink fluffy tail (don't ask) was nauseating.

Never would I think of a ghost living in my house. Actually, I didn't believe in ghosts then. Not until the night in our new house.

It was an "ok" house. Bigger than the apartment we lived in before, but it wasn't fancy. Infact, it looked kind of empty. The lawn was almost yellow and you could see some of the dry patches of dirt. We have the only house with, like, six or seven palm trees in the front yard. We have a two car garage, we only have one car. We have two separate living rooms, we only need one. We have a pool in the back, yeah, I thought that was pretty neat but it'll take forever to get the leaves out of it and think of hurricane season. The previous owner said that this house is only fifteen years old and in perfect shape, in other words, something's wrong with it. Mom and I gazed up at the house.

" Look at it, isn't the house beautiful?" my mom said in awe.

Yeah. A real treasure.

" I'm going to go inside now." I said, feeling a little sick.

Mom gave me the keys and I opened the door. I was about to step inside when Brad rushed passed me like a freakn' cheetah.

" Loser!" he said. " Freak!" I shot back. " Mom! Judy called me a freak!" he shouted.

Mom was next inside the house, " Don't call your little brother a freak!"

" But he called me a loser!" I retorted.

" Don't call your sister a loser!" mom warned Brad.

I was last in the house. I closed the door behind me, leaving the keys on the window sill next to the door. There was a living room in front of me, a dining room next to me, and a hallway to my right. I went to the hallway first. In the hallway, I was facing the bathroom door (wide open), one room was to my left. Curios, I walked toward that direction till Brad zipped past me saying, " Called it!" I sighed and turned around. Now I was facing the lengthy part of the hallway. I walked to the end of it and opened the door that was at the end of the hallway. It was another room with a window revealing the front lawn. The ceiling shifted upward making this small room look like a little house that was glued to this bigger one. Turning my head in all different directions, I stepped in and immediately the temperature dropped. It felt like 63 degrees now. I tried seeing my own breath but after countless humiliating tries, I continued with my little journey. Once in the middle of the room, I slowly turned around to head for the door. The closet was next to the door. Oh, how convenient. This was probably the only place in the house that didn't feel empty. I liked it. Walking toward the bedroom door, I swear I heard someone distant call my name. I turned around and stood there for a while, quite confused. Then I turned back around to head for the door when the distant voice called for me again. I made my way to the closet and opened the closet doors. Empty. I closed them and suddenly, I knew someone was behind me. I felt it.

" Don't you remember me?" it said. Male. Definitely male. English, too.

I felt a chill go up my spine, like a snake made of ice climbing my back. All my hairs were standing and without a moment's hesitation, I was running out of that room, bumping into my mom.

" What's the rush?" she asked. " Don't you like your new room?"

" I'm not sleeping in there." I protested.

" Why not?"

" Because…" I'm hearing voices. Yeah. She'll get a kick out of that one.

" I thought I saw a spider." I lied.

" Where? Let me kill it." She said, taking her shoe off.

Now I have to have a spider. I pointed to the corner of the room.

" There's nothing there, Princess." She said.

" Oh, must have been my imagination." I smiled.

My mom made her way to the window. She paused for a minute, moving her head slightly.

" The UHAUL's here. Get your stuff and fix up your room." She said.

There is NO WAY I'm going back in THAT room!

The blanket under me really didn't make much of a difference while I was trying to sleep in my room. The tile still felt cold, even under the warmth of my body. It was probably eleven. The teenage palm tree kept scratching my window which made it almost impossible to sleep. The beds weren't put together yet and were still in the garage with a lot of other stuff, but the dressers are in my room now, along with all my clothes. I was laying on the floor, if you didn't guess yet, and that voice came back.

" I don't want to hurt you." He said. His voice was very distant.

" Go away." I told him. He didn't. The room dropped to probably 60 degrees again.

" Judy, please, you don't know me now… but…" the voice faded in and out so I didn't really get the rest. My head hurt from all the concentration anyway.

The embodied voice was pretty sweet and now I believe in "ghosts".

I actually started to like him. So I smiled, " I can't see you."

Heavy breathing, " I know." A breeze, maybe his hand, touched mine.

It was dark, but I tried to imagine his smile. Maybe a curve on one side of the mouth. I really wanted to see him now. What color is his hair? How old is he? How, why, who died? When? When I closed my eyes, the guy who was touching my hand went away. I could barely sleep now, is he watching me? Where did he go? After a while, it got cold again. Is he back? I smiled to let him know that I was okay with him, but what I felt wasn't him at all. An evil spirit? There are TWO ghosts? This one pulled a lock of my hair. Ow! My head started throbbing. I didn't dare open my eyes. When things couldn't get scarier, the door to the hallway slowly opened... eeeekkkk... so I did what anyone would do in my situation, I screamed.

" Shut up! Are you trying to get me in trouble?" Brad. It was Brad.

The evil spirit disappeared too. I sat up as Brad walked over to me.

" I felt something evil in my room. I told it to leave my alone and it did. But I'm still scared." he explained.

" It's okay, nothing can hurt us, we're secretly related to Superman, remember?" I said.

He kissed me on the cheek. Awe, how adorable! Until...

" Your lesbian." he said.

" No I'm not! Ugh! MOM!"

Before he left me, he said I like to eat boogers, and mom told him to get out of my room. The evil spirit didn't come back. So I drifted, thinking, is the evil spirit his girlfriend? What if it's a guy? Why did the evil ghost try to hurt my brother and me? Tomorrow was normal with no supernatural phenomena, but I went to school after that.

" Class, we have a new student." said my new science teacher, Mr. Perico.

The class was nice to me. And I came on a lucky day, they were having a seating chart redone. I know, for high schoolers? And students don't call married teachers Mrs. they call them Ms. in the south. I sat next to a girl with reddish hair and freckles. She was extra nice, making the sweet class look like gardener gnomes. She offered me an extra pencil and paper and everything. We became best friends quick, like we knew each other for years. We had lunch together, and a two other classes. She said that she should spend a night at my house the following weekend. Of course I said it would be great. I didn't see the ghost all week that week, but then again, I can't see ghosts.

On the Internet, it said people with sensitive eyes can see them. My friend, her name is Emily, says she can see ghosts and would love to help me with my spirit problem.

The weekend came quick. She settled down in my room first. She was quiet, it was odd. After a while, I asked what happened. She said that there were two ghosts in my room. I knew that but, my ghost was murdered...