Nicholas's Story

Nicholas Grean was the average 1800's man. He was 16 years old and had a handsome, heart shaped, face with a hot, little bit muscular, body to go with it. He had jet black hair and sky blue eyes, he also had a light caramel complexion. His teeth were a straight, shocking white and the girls fell for him like a baby to a pasaphire. He was a gentleman, lady's man, lover's imagination, you name it, and he got it. He was born the fourth of February, and had an undying knack of patience. His father was American, mother Spanish. He was somewhat pretty rich. Nicholas was a great son, and friend.

His best friend was the opposite. Blond hair, blue eyes, medium, not as good looking as his friend, and he was trapped in jealousy. Even as he got more and more angry at his friend for being perfect, he still had that two faced smile on.

One day, Nick's friend was in love with this girl, a beautiful young lady not over 15. He was introduced to his crush by Nicholas. Even though she seemed quite interested of the blond gentleman, she went off to get married to Nicholas. His friend's broken heart and pressured jealousy reached it's maximum, and he vowed revenge. One night, Nicholas had a tough day chopping the wood and in his baggy, cotton white shirt and black pants, he drifted quickly to sleep, like a baby.

His friend slowly snuck into the house through the back door and with a gun in his hand, shot Nicholas, who died from massive loss of blood. Nicholas Grean to this day still stays in his house which was torn down, rebuilt, torn down, rebuilt, torn down and finally rebuilt into a new community. He died in his room, Judy's room.

Emily said that Nicholas's friend still stays to make sure no one finds out that he murdered Nicholas Grean, or at least that's what she thinks.