Truth 3/16/07

I have one green eye and one brown eye. The green eye sees truth, but the brown eye sees much, much more. It can see lies. Except for his lies. I couldn't see his lies. I know that because the first time I met him, he lied to me.

He arrived in my life like a hurricane; tall, dark and handsome like all the storybooks say. He had brown eyes that looked ordinary until you really looked into them. Dark and deep, like a vat of chocolate. He was easily one of the most beautiful people I had ever laid my eyes on. On the outside.

My green eye saw no truth in him. He was empty, hollow. It was like looking into a cavity of a beautiful tree and seeing the mold, decay and cobwebs that gather there.

Most people have at least a spark of truth. Even those who seem hardened or callous. Dig deep enough and my green eye can see the truth. But it could not see his truth. But neither could my brown eye see a lie. Empty of truth as he was, there was no lie that my brown eye could see.

The first time I saw him was on the street. He was walking alone, and I was walking alone. We were both heading the same way, but he walked faster than I. His long legs devoured the earth beneath him and he moved forward with the grace of a cat. He overtook me and fell in step, his feet matching my paces. It was strange how stilted his frame seemed when it was forced to slow to my speed.

"Hello there," he said pleasantly. His voice was soft and hoarse; he sounded like a cat purring. Before I could even examine him with my eyes, I had already begun to smile. I looked up at him and the smile faltered as I caught sight of the emptiness within him. He seemed not to notice. Normally even that would have sent a flare of lie to my brown eye. There is no one who could of missed my change of expression. When confronted with such a sight as his emptiness, subtlety was not in the question. But he pretended not to notice and I sensed no lie.

Because I could not detect a lie, I foolishly assumed that I was safe. I ended up passing several happy blocks with him, actually passing by my true destination in order to remain longer with him. His presence was intoxicating.

When we finally parted on the street, I going one way and he the other, he suddenly called after me. As I turned, he caught my waist with his arms and brought his face down to mine. My different eyes closed as his lips touched my lips. The moment could not have been any more perfect. He was warm and his arms strong as they supported me.

Even then I could not see the lie. I still cannot. But I know that it was there. It had to have been. No man can be so empty of both truth and lie at the same time. Foolish child that I was to not wonder how he could have managed to deceive both of my eyes so thoroughly. But now it is too late; he is beyond me and I can do nothing to either bring him back or stop him. I shall likely never see him again and my heart knows not whether to rejoice or to mourn.

A/N: This is a one-shot short story that was based off of a prompt by the writing book by Gail Carson Levine. I cannot remember the title of the book to save my life at this moment, but its a good resource. So yeah, this story is a product of my weird mind... I liked it...