If you're sad I can tell you

comforting words

since I consider myself an expert in this area

Like a false reassurance

my response timing is


I could tell you "I love you"

and mean it

just kidding

Do you know how to take a joke?

I would lend you my hand

if you could think me sincere

And I would try not to think

of the dull friction

that you people call warmth

And I know that you're not

supposed to start every sentence with


but I find it rather


It gives a person depth because

errors are depth.

incorrect is depth.

And I like it

And I love it

And I wish that I could have it.

It's the only thing in this world that makes my chest


with desire

Even though I feel, not feel

it's never good enough because

somewhere in here is the inability to

cry and scream and love and

I need to recharge soon

Or maybe it's now

Finally is it?

Maybe is it