On the Monday, or perhaps Tuesday
Evening, as she begins to lose track
In blissful mid-summer,
A quiet sunset envelopes the sky,

Her eyes wanting to expand and let more
Of the scene in, her imaginative mind
Feeling hungry for such an exquisite picture,
And an ambiguous feeling of panic rising…

Beyond the fading sun,
Her hazel eyes focus on fragments of memories,
A tragically delightful slideshow
Of black and white images playing in
Slow motion, of soundless laughter and
Familiar faces…

The silent film plays on for her alone,
Images now of the places and people
She's tried to forget, setting off
Slight waves of change, and instilling
Unfathomable sensations of loss…

As a silhouetted pair of birds break
Through her daydreams,
She moves her eyes from the sun's
Last rays, not letting herself
Become attached to the vanishing beauty.
She knows very well, eventually it seems,
Everything will slip away.