Summary: Caitlin, Brittany, Aaron and Eric have been friends since grade school; they tell each other everything, well almost everything. Caitlin and Brittany get abused Aaron lives in a foster home, and Eric has bipolar disorder. But what happens when Caitlin and Brittany's parents get married and Caitlin lands in a coma?

Caitlin Daja- Caitlin the tomboy of the group loves rock and just music in general. She has a little brother; Isaac, whom she protects from their father, who is an alcoholic that abuses mother died when she was five years old giving birth to Isaac. She plays the guitar and sings in the band interference.

Brittany Louts- Brittany's a girly girl who loves romance novels and hot cocoa. She has a little brother and a sister; David and Emily; they're twins. Their father died when she was only seven. Her mother began drinking and started getting violent when she was drunk. She's made it her life mission to get her siblings out of their house and to protect them. She plays the piano in the band interference

Aaron Smith- Aaron is the serious one of the group. He loves reading and most of all Brittany. He's an only child as far as he knows. His parents died when he was six and he lives in a foster home. He plays the bass in the band.

Eric Kellis- he's the fun loving one of the group. He loves making fun of Caitlin and Brittany. But he loves Caitlin more. He has bipolar disorder but hides it from his friends. He plays the drums in the band.