A/n: it's short GET OFF MY BACK!

Brittany and Caitlin walked up to their high school. Caitlin sighed deeply and put her hands on her hips. She stared at the school in disgust.

"Why do we go here?" she asked her best friend.

"Because our parents make us." Brittany said sighing and raising her hands. "Do you have to ask that everyday?" Caitlin smiled softly and nodded. She grabbed her friend's hand and ran towards the school. They took their usual places in the school yard.

"What happened last night? I mean we're talking casually then suddenly you have to go." Caitlin asked. Brittany's body froze. She replayed last night's events in her head. The pain the blood. She glanced at her leg where she saw a bruise peaking out. She tugged on her skirt hiding it. Caitlin looked at her in confusion.

"I just remembered that I had to make dinner." She lied coolly. The truth was the only meal she had yesterday was lunch; her mother was too drunk to go shopping. Caitlin shrugged and looked around. She spotted their friends; Eric and Aaron. She waved to them to come over. They spotted her and ran over. Eric sat next to Caitlin and put his hand on her shoulder. She winced and faked a smiled. She replayed her night in her head, screaming, blood splatter, glass shattering. Eric looked at her in confusion.

"So what's up?" Aaron asked. Caitlin shrugged. She wanted to tell the truth but she knew she couldn't.

"Nothing, I had to take care of Isaac last night. He was a little sick." She told them which was a down right lie.

"How's he now?" Eric asked sounding really concerned. She shrugged.

"He's better I guess, he went to school today." She assured them. They nodded. "Oh yeah I just remembered." She pulled out her music notebook from her satchel. "I wrote a new song." They huddled around her to see what she created. "Tonight I'm so alone this sorrow takes a hold, don't leave me here so cold."

"Never want to be so cold." Eric sang once he mastered the beat and rhythm which didn't take long.

"Your touch used to be so kind, your touch used to give me life. I waited all this time I've wasted so much time. Don't leave me alone cause I barely see at all. Don't leave me alone. I'm, falling in the black, slipping through the cracks dreaming it used to be."

"Can you hear me?" Eric sang.

"Falling in the black, slipping through the cracks falling to the depths can I ever go back? Falling inside the black falling inside falling inside the black. You were my source of strength I traded everything that I love for this one thing."

"Stranded in the offering."

"Don't leave me here like this, can't hear me scream from the abyss. Now I wish for you my desire. Don't leave my alone cause I barely see at all don't leave me alone." Before she could finish the bell rang. Signaling that it was time for them to start to the day. Caitlin groaned seriously annoyed. "I don't wanna start school!" she whined.

"Aww," Eric put his arm around her shoulder. "Is little Caitlin gonna have a hissy fit?" he asked in a baby voice. She glared at him and said,

"Watch it bub." And got up. She sauntered over to the door of the building and practically ripped it off its hinges. Eric gaped at her.

"I'd stay away from her if I was you." Aaron said as he walked by.

"See ya later." Brittany said and followed Aaron into the school. Eric shook his head and followed them.