Enough brooding

No more sulking

What's done is done

It's time to rise from the shadows

And live life

Because time goes on

I was ready

To spend another day


But I realized

What good would it do?

I can't go back

Today I lived

I actually tasted

That chocolate milk

For the first time

In several days


Breaking free

Of the haze that lingered

Over my life

That I couldn't escape

Until now

Afraid to sleep

Because of the dreams

That haunted me

Light and dark

Day and night

But no more

I welcome the dreams

That come to me tonight

After all

They're only dreams

What hurt can they do?

I can't just hide

From my own mind

It's imprisoned me

But I'll escape

That's enough

I won't give in

There's no surrender

I burned the white flag

And now it's time

To fight back

Life spun

Out of hand

But I'm back at the wheel

And taking control

Watch out, world

I'm on the loose

But you don't have to worry

There's gladness in my heart