Her skin is bronzed from afternoons

of bare shoulders at the beach

Her painted toes take her places she knows

and places she's yet to reach

As she walks along those sandy shores

with seashells in her hands,

she shares with unsuspecting visitors

what exactly makes them grand

They stare in awe at her collection

and knowledge of what she's found

She'll leave them with encouragement

and desire to look around

Then she'll sit and read a book

with sunlight as her lamp

A brief dip in the shallow gulf

leaves her cool and damp

She'll stare out into the water

as she waits for her suit to drip-dry

She'll watch her favorite seabirds

as they dive and swoop and fly

Then she'll collect her beach bag

and trek to the parking lot,

only to return next week

to sit in her favorite spot

She'll never stop going

as long as it's there,

and she'll never stop hunting

for shells she can share

The beach is her favorite place

in the entire world to be

It matches her spirit, bright and cheery

and makes her feel carefree