My tiny, twinkling toes touch

the locks that run up your legs

My sore and working hips

grind and grimace, beckon and beg

Your straight and narrow guides

a tasty feeling to my belly

Your strain and power pay off

and I feel you turn to jelly

My middle is a little softer

than some other teens, but

My fingers grab a little harder

in between the screams

Your hands scramble and grope me

Pleased with what they find

Your arms are built like hilltops

and higher we will climb

My back becomes a bridge

under which you are able to play

My neck elongates and pressures my head

to bob, dip, and sway

Your throat deeply hums the feelings

that lie below your belt

Our bodies are close to fluid now

and together we seem to melt

Our lips grab attention in every direction

and often when they meet

a bond is formed that never before

tasted quite as sweet

My hair is a big tangle of

the ways you have tied me in knots

This night is one for the books

my storage of dirty thoughts