Chapter 0: Prologue


"He who possesses the imagination shall wield it as his own."
"He who cannot surpass his own self shall be fated to see himself tested to the limits."
"He who fails to see for what he is shall drown hopelessly in confusion and illusion."
"He who wants to be shall be, if he wills it so."
"He who cannot save himself, cannot save others."
"He who is as plain as a blank slate, will spark an eternal flame."

Prophet of the Evening Star (g. 47, Part I)

In the dead of the night, staring into the stars that blanket the entire sky, she stared into the distance as the rest of her body leaned against the soft granite rails of the balcony. It looked as if she was merely gazing at the stars, but no, she was looking at something deeper, beyond this world's atmosphere, beyond even the very system and galaxy this world reside in. Yes, she was looking, beyond time, beyond space.

"I saw it again. Seventh time in a row, what could it mean…?" With a voice that was strong for her stature, yet just as fragile as crystals formed in the winter, she spoke into the night air.

She was staring into a dream, into one which the visuals were folded in many layers of encryption. To many common people out there, one stare at these encryptions would mean very little to them, but to her, the one that was born gifted, special in every way, she knew there was something more, and she will figure it out.

There's nothing that particularly interesting in this dream. In fact, this dream-like vision was one through the eyes of strangers, different sentient races across the far reaches of galaxy, but somehow, it was like a web of affinity weaving slowly into fruition.

"Mmm… so, it's not just a mere image, but one compressed of many meanings, and I alone shall decipher it. Yes… I alone shall." She was enjoying this. For the first time in perhaps a few centuries, she was glad to partake into something that jolted her senses, and provided such an interesting plot for her to find out, to reveal.

"Because it's rare to see something like this for so long, I shall give you, my dear vision of the near future, a title fitting to your nature. You are a Prophecy; a prophecy that allowed time to finally begin ticking for me. How… exciting, for my life to reach the moment where it ends so quickly, but alas, at least I shall enjoy it, to the very last." She spoke, then covering her eyes, she gave a soft laugh. It was not of regret, but happiness.

"Come forth, my most trusted servant." With a short pause, she beckoned forth a figure that was standing a distance away from the balcony.

"Yes, my la- Prophet. What do you require of me?" A male voice spoke from the shadows. It was a harsh and cold voice, yet so gentle toward her. It amused her, and at the same time pleased her. Yes, she could always trust him to bring her results because his loyalty was unquestionable.

"Look into the pool, and tell me what you see." She spoke, and at this, the male figure in the shadows gave a look of surprise, before yielding quickly to his lady's wishes.

"I see… but a mere tablet, and on it are letters in silver. There's also a bubble of something else." He spoke truthfully, telling her what she wanted to see.

"It's not a real tablet, but just something I thought would be useful to convey what I saw. See those letters? Those are of the Prophecy, or the part I've deciphered so far. I have only seen but half of it, but it's a good enough lead. Examine the dream bubble as you wish, and know what quarry I ask you to bring back." The one called the Prophet had given her command, and her servant knew he must obey.

He looked into the pool and examined the tablet and that sphere of dream vision. When he was done, there was only a trace of surprise. He had many questions to ask, but he dare not, because she was important to him enough that he would obey her on every whim.

"I sense you have questions regarding this task, please do let me hear it." She was smiling, and this made him visibly relaxed.

"I sense nothing in him that is fitting to this… prophecy. How can one such as him possess any degree of power? I also do not see any relation in the dream, its connection to us, or to the other person involved. Who are they?" He asked boldly, knowing he had the capacity to do so. It's for the best so he can complete his mission without hesitation and failure.

"Please don't be concerned with this. I am only beginning to understand this as well, but, I know that he is destined for something far greater. His life is connected to our own, and I am afraid that despite the great words the Prophecy chose for him, he will face many dangers, fear, obstacles, threats to his own welfare and his life, and also sorrow." Yes, she was always right, because though the lines were not sharpened and focused, she could feel it in every fiber of her being, for this was her power alone.

Recalling the dream further, she slowly realized that not only was the boy a part of this expanding web, the other plays a very important part in this as well, and she feared that what was to come will surely be connected to them. However, she dare not say anything more to her servant.

"I am entrusting this task to you, because I want to help them before it's too late. Besides, it's much more entertaining that way, don't you think?" She was smiling with irony, but her eyes were very serious, an air of loneliness seemed to surround her.

Yes, she had decided, this prophecy was important enough to stake her own life on it. It's not easy, it will be a long wait, but she was happy, that for once, a Prophecy of Salvation was foretold, not a Prophecy of Destruction. If it meant anything, perhaps this time she could actually look forward to the very end.

Seeing that the servant left, the Prophet looked at the dream once again, before speaking very quietly in a voice that became a myriad of soft whispers carried into the night air.

"Though one will be saved, the other will be lost. It's a sad fate, but it's what is meant to be a pair, a pair that will find each other across the distant and cold space, and changing the world as weaved into the Prophecy. I hope to see you soon, my dear child, the wielder of this destiny."