On the Cross

First alone on the cross was I, before our lord and savor Jesus. Was no man called roman who adopted the death to our lord and so many before he our lord and after he our lord? Oh soul seeker I alone shall tell you this tale. But as you bid me in a secret or mystery. For in the way you write it no man shall be able to understand it. Now I the seeker of souls tell you the truth, man shall come forth to tell you that he I the soul seeker mean this story this way or that way, but I tell you the truth none shall know the understanding of on the cross.

Being seen at night a flame came forth that which believes in vain. His foot quivers through his longing. The whirlwind that turns his face from red to black and back again brought trouble to is years. Life and peace had no place with him. For his soul was born to struggle long in the power. Yes God had made him for one reason to shame this world and man.

The act was already intercepted against the laws and to undertake changes in barbaric vain. Evil enslaved him in his youth. Treasons made him empty. Satan gave him seven children from the depths of hell herself, because she bit the dead fruit. Oh dear reader the heart makes sense and the feet makes motion of dead minds. Exiles makes hatred and secrets sedition them that comes after its.

How great is one man mind that say I understand, and yet he struggle to maintain its? Let no man say to you I understand when he who you not! So now he says to me. I cried to meet the bitter winds and the death this race placed on me. But after leaving my human shell understanding came to me. My father was a king and I was born to him the 13th son, for he my father was killed the second years of my birth. Than one by one all my older brother died.

I was now 13 years in the earth. And the priest was ruler till I came of age. And such power given to him he did not want to let go. Now I was 20 years in the earth and I commanded him to give me my throne, he refused and I alone murder him. For this priest no power in God only I, and I ruled 44 years in the earth before my murder. Now I shall tell you of my ruling in secret so that man shall not come after you or me.

The first years of my ruling I was 20 years in the earth. The people were of the first races. There was no famine or death cause the age was renewal. The rainbow shown 40 years and the blood of the priest soaked into the earth. But than the old serpent circled the earth and the numbers suffer, the pitched sudden changed and the sea tremble. The abyss made milk out of the rocks and the earth was unaware?

Without sense jure made death out of hail and ice and a great evil was born out of the third years. And at this time I was 23 years in the earth. The new city itself suffer great evil against heaven and the moon honor its dishonor. Thunderbolts made great deeds of predictions in the night time. And long springs perish from my eyes. And there was no people to be found for the great deadly quarrels gave way to the barbarians.

For the sea had reached my enemies! And I was 30 years in the earth. When I realize these barbarians was my enemies, I alone sounded the horn which made no sound at all for the blood in it was too much. But the first races fought to the bitter end. And I alone saw a sign out of heaven and that angel say to me. Suffer this enslavement or suffer death. I alone say, I am king of these people and no other.

For I did not know our father in heaven. I alone was foolish!

I had witness so much of our people blood, I could not sleep without seeing their faces. And my black hair was turning grey? For now I was 34 years in the earth. When I was 35 years in the earth we my people won the war against the barbarians, and we took the head of each one and placed it on a pole in the north side of our land mocking our father In heaven saying: we did not need your help for look at us now against our enemies that you send from the sea. And after all the voices were hushed, we heard a great thunder out of heaven and I alone understood the voice for my people said to me; what was it that our father said, and in terror I refuse to repent it. For he did say this:

Because you and your people mock me saying ( we did not need your help) I shall send from the south a great terror, he who calls himself (ALAMEA) and she who he shall put you and your people into hard bondage. For they are the races of Satan's. And when I was 36 years in the earth till I was 49 years in the earth they Satan children did placed us into hard bondage. Making some of my people follower of their god. Which was made male and female at the same time?

For they alone saw the worst of all the sinners on earth. For they were men who loved men and women who love women and men who loved woman and woman who love man and men and women who love children and they saw no sin in what they did? I tell you the truth soul seeker I would have rather suffer the death of the barbarian than be put in bondage by these!

And for 13 years in the earth my people sinned greatly against our father in heaven. Until he spoke again saying: I shall suffer you and your people this no longer.

Now soul seeker I shall not tell you how our father in heaven killed those people, but I shall tell you this that 1/3 of our people died with them. And I the seeker of souls say oh dear spirit tell me how was it that you were placed on the cross. And he say, I was 64 years in the earth, my grandson seeked to be king. Dough I had only one son and in turn he only one son. But he my grandson could not wait, for in secret he did murder his father on a fishing hunt and came to me with false sorrows of his father death. So in his mind he thought that we the first people lived long life, but this was not so? But he my grandson thought so. So he plotted against me using my own laws against me.

Saying that I alone secretly love Satan and he heard me refusing our father in heaven. For him my grandson said this so greatly that the people believe him. And for denying our father in heaven death was the punishment. And he my grandson said to the people, (let us put him on the cross) and I stay on the cross seven days and nights till my spirit was given back to the father.

And when he stop speaking, I stop writing and placed my pen down

By Ronald Campbell.