The Dancing Girl's Tale

There's a place in this world where the weary go,

And you shuffle in like the rest, glad you left it all behind.

They say its a necessary evil that you must compromise

Everything you are just to get a little peace of mind.

In the grand old play, under lights and smoke,

Came a girl who'd done it all a million times before.

No exit from a dead-end stage because the show must go on,

And when she's done there will be another cry for more.

She was set to dance another meaningless ritual

But before it began, it was already over.

There was nowhere to go but up from here.

Glorious skyward bound, clouds became clover.

Looking down she could see from where she came.

The world got smaller because its further away,

And she's no longer in it, a figure in flight.

Next to godliness, she has moved on today.

An endless emotional high, never to fall again,

Hear the call for retreat but the force is too strong-

Crystal clear compassion, oxidizing omnipitence.

Spiral into her sphere and seek a soul gone wrong.

In the dark was heard the cheers of delight,

But then there was silence and a gasp of dread

Because the music stopped and no other woman could be found

Who danced like her, so the club was closed instead.

She was so perfect, such a shame to make her stop

For the lights still accent her in just the right way

Now they clean the stage, but they let her body be

But where her soul has gone, no one but I can say.

So tonight she's still onstage in all her perfect rot,

But the people are aroused and they don't care

That she'd been loved for what she was inside,

By someone long ago who found her loss too hard to bear.

Did her true love hear a song that reminded him of her?

Some say he searched for years the girl who'd made him whole,

But found what he was missing the night he saw her dance

And she gave the wolves her flesh, so that he might get her soul.