The car ride, it seemed, was to be three hours long. I'll give you guys three guesses as to who I was stuck next to for the following three hours... yep, Brayden. I have no idea how that happened, but Chantelle and Joey ended up sitting in the second row, and Brayden and I in the third. To make matters worse, we were kinda squashed, with all the bags and gear next to and behind us.

The songs from a CD Liam dubbed 'The Road trip CD' were blasting out of the speakers. ABBA's Mamma Mia ended and there was a brief pause before the voices of the members of Queen rung out. Everyone cheered and the whole family proceeded to sing along. I was sitting kinda awkwardly, grinning at their antics, but too shy to join in. Brayden glanced and me and beamed. Liam started to sing the first few lines of the Galileo part. I cracked up, as did everyone else besides Brayden, at Liam's high pitched voice. Suddenly, Brayden, who was sitting straight with an exaggeratedly stoic face, let out a high pitched 'Galileo', which Liam responded with a lower 'Galileo', and the continued to sing, with the rest of us laughing so very hard at them. I laughed so much that my cheeks hurt and my eyes were tearing up. I never would have expected Brayden, who was usually so arrogant and conservative, to be able to let himself go and embarrass himself so easily.

The song ended, and Brayden half stood in the cramped area and gave a mock bow. We were still all in stitches, and out laughter was not relieved as the starting chords of the Summer Nights played. Everyone cheered once again, including me. I couldn't resist this one. Grease was one of my favourite movies.

Liam shouted out, "Brayden, Celeste, your go!"

Brayden grinned at me. My eyes widened in surprise, I was about to refuse, but everyone was cheering me on, and I didn't want to seem like a party pooper, so I just smiled and waited for my part.

Brayden smiled at me before singing John Travolta's part, "Summer lovin' had me a blast,"

I swallowed my nerves and sung from memory, "Summer lovin', happened so fast,"

Brayden sung, "I met a girl crazy for me,"

I was really getting into it now, and placed a hand to my heart, pretending to swoon, "I met a boy, cute as can be,"

Brayden caught my eyes and grabbed my hand as we both sang, "Summer days driftin' away, to uh-oh those summer nights!"

Everyone else alternated with the chorus, and Liam and Lisa took over the second verse etc. It was hilarious and awesome and something I had never experienced before. It was the first time in a long time that I really let myself go and enjoyed myself. Needless to say, everyone was smiling for a long time after.


An hour later, Chantelle, Joey, and Brayden were all fast asleep. Lisa was guiding Liam, with a map in her lap, and I was drifting asleep. My eyes shut and I fell asleep immediately. It must have been all the singing and laughing.


Brayden opened his eyes and rubbed them. He tried to stretch his arms, but realised one of them was slightly stuck. Celeste had her head tucked in the crook between his neck and shoulder, and one of her hands rested lightly on his chest. His arm, was wrapped around her shoulders and she was leaning back against it, hence it being stuck. To be honest though, he didn't mind, he had lost all feeling of it a while back. Grinning at her position, Brayden just sat still and watched the scenery go by, anticipating her reaction when she woke up. His smile grew at that thought.


I woke up after a nice nap, and was too lazy to actually open my eyes. I snuggled closer to the warmth that currently encompassed me. I felt the object beneath my hand vibrate, and my eyes shot open. I looked around me and discovered my position, half on Brayden's lap, and my hand on his hard chest. My eyes widened, and I can only imagine that I looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Coming to my senses, I whipped my hand off his chest and hit it on the luggage on my other side. I quickly straightened my legs, which were curled on Brayden's lap, but let out a cuss as I felt the cramp in legs from being stationary for too long. I peeked self consciously around me. Thank god Chantelle and Joey were still sleeping, and Lisa was talking to Liam. It was only Brayden who was still chuckling at me.

"I'm sorry!" I whispered to him, mortified and blushing hotly.

"No problem." He replied and squeezed me with the arm that I had failed to notice was around my shoulders.

I sat awkwardly, not wanting to seem rude by shrugging Brayden's arm off me. After all, I had just slept on it for who knows how long, and it was probably numb.

"Hey dad, how long more have we got to go?" Brayden called.

"We're nearly there, should be another ten minutes or so."


We all stepped out of the car and inspected our surroundings. We were in an open flat area with occasional campfire pits strewn around. It opened to a beautiful river that branched off into a couple of creeks about a hundred metres down. The bush and trees surrounded the campsite densely, creating a truly natural and pure atmosphere. Everyone looked around in awe.

Liam was the first to snap out of it, and clapped his hands to get everyone's attention. He started issuing things for everyone to do. The first was to set up the tents. There were three, one four-man tent, and two two-man tents. Lisa, Liam and Joey would be in the four-man tent, Chantelle and I in one of the two-man's, and Brayden in the other.

Liam and Lisa were to set up their tent, Chantelle and I to set up ours, and Brayden and Joey to set up Brayden's. Liam had decided that it would be a race, the first ones to set it up would get out of unloading the car.

"Erm? Do you have any idea how to set up a tent?" Chantelle asked me, staring at the instructions blankly.

I bit my lip and shook my head. Both of us cracked up at the hopelessness of our situation.

"Okay, let me take a look at that. Just take out the stuff first, and maybe unroll the tent." I said.

The instructions looked simple enough, but simple doesn't always mean easy. We figured that out the hard way.

We had the tent laid out and the pegs in our hands. I glanced at the instructions and suddenly none of it made sense. Giving up on that, we decided to just peg the tent down. We experienced our first complication, actually getting the pegs into the ground. We tried pushing it which failed miserably. We tried stomping on it, but also failed miserably when the pegs wouldn't stay still. We finally looked around at the others, and realised that they were using mallets. I smacked my forehead. DUH! I was the one who packed the mallets! I quickly sprinted to the car and grabbed the mallet.

After finally getting the pegs in, we sighed and looked at our tent, which was currently material stuck to the ground.

"Maybe we should put those poles together. It looks like that's what everyone else is doing." Chantelle suggested.

I quickly agreed and each of us grabbed a bunch of poles, and started to put them together. When we finished, we were left with two extra long poles.

"Now what?" I said, glancing around at the other tents.

"Erm thread them through I guess…"

Five minutes later found us desperately trying to get the poles into the correct position and secured. Each of us were on either side of the pole trying to arch it so we could secure it at each corner of the tent. I gave it a harsh push and let go, causing it to fling up and whack me in the arm.

I let out a cry of pain and Chantelle screamed in frustration, kicking the tent.

"I give up!" She turned to Liam, whom, along with the others had finished setting up their tent, "Daddy, I give up! Please just help us."

Brayden and Liam chortled and walked over. We just sighed in defeat and let the men do the setting up. It seemed we did not stretch the tent out enough before we pegged it, so the guys had to re-peg the tent before being able to set the whole thing up. Despite that though, they took only about five minutes to having a stable tent set up.

Finally, everything was unloaded from the car and stored in the tents. Because Chantelle and I hardly had any spare room, only our baggage was stored with us. Everything else was in the other two tents.


Chantelle lay sleeping in our tent. I was on my back, in my sleeping bag, just thinking. I heard rustling in the tent next to ours. Brayden's. Immediately my mind wandered to the car ride. Brayden was like a completely different person. He was so cheerful and funny… and just different. Every since I met him, his personality had varied from arrogant to caring but it was never so outgoing. I just wished he could stay like that. With that final thought, I drifted off to sleep.

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