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I love you...
I hate you...
I can't live without you...
I breathe you...
I taste you...
I can't live without you...
I just can't take any more...
this life of solitude...
I guess that I'm out the door...
and now I'm done with you...

The music shattered the peace in Sarah's bedroom, causing her to sit straight up in bed, clutching her bedspread to her chest, her hair falling wildly around her shoulders as she looked, wide-eyed for the source of the music. Finally realizing that it was just her alarm she flopped back on to her pillow. "I'm going to kill Jason!" She grumbled aloud to her empty room.

Sarah lay in bed for several minutes letting the lyrics of one of her favorite songs flow over her even though she knew she needed to get up and around. As the song reached its end she quickly switched her alarm off. Groaning she climbed out of bed and made her way into her bathroom to take a shower.

Yawning, she turned on the water, letting it heat up while she stripped off the tank top and shorts she had been sleeping in. Slipping into the shower, she let the warm water pour over her while she tried to fully wake up. After several minutes of just standing under the spray, Sarah started to feel more awake and quickly finished her shower.

Once she was finished with her shower, Sarah had to hurry to get ready for school. Deciding to leave her hair down for the day, Sarah quickly blow dried it until it fell down her back in black silky waves. Glancing in the mirror, she took in her facial features. Her skin was clear and had the glow of a natural tan, her eyes were a deep emerald green, sparkling with life and laughter and accented by long, thick eyelashes, her lips were a deep ruby red. Wrinkling her nose at her reflection, she decided not to waste time with putting on makeup and moved into her closet to pick out her clothes for the day.

Quickly she stepped into a denim mini skirt that showed off her long legs and pulled on a white tank top that accented her tan. Walking over to her jewelry chest, she decided to wear the locket that her twin brother had given to her for their 16th birthday. Inside was a picture of them when they were younger. They had their arms around each other's shoulder and wore identical smiles as they looked up at the camera innocently. As she put on her watch she looked at the time and realized that if she didn't hurry she would be late for her first day of school.

"That would not be a good way to start my senior year." Sarah mumbled to herself, grabbing a pair of hoops from her jewelry chest and a pair of sandals off the floor of her closet. Swinging her backpack over a shoulder, Sarah was thankful that she had the foresight to gather all her things up the night before. Taking one more glance around, she flipped off her light and headed down the stairs, putting in her earrings as she walked.

"Thanks for turning up the volume on my alarm clock." Sarah walked into the kitchen and found Jason sitting at the bar, eating cereal. Jason looked up and flashed her a smile before going back to eating. Rolling her eyes she reached over and grabbed an apple out of the bowl of fruit that was sitting on the edge of the counter.

"Are we picking up Brendan and Madison on our way to school?" Sarah sat down next to her twin and took a huge bite out of the apple.

"Probably." Jason shrugged. "I haven't talked to Brendan since he got back from Australia and I figured you would know whether or not we were supposed to pick up Maddie."

Sighing Sarah reached into the backpack that she had set on the counter next to her and pulled out her phone. Flipping it open, she punched in Maddie's number.

"You need a ride?" She asked as soon as Madison picked up.

"Yep." Came Madison's reply.

"K. We'll be there in ten." Sarah flipped her phone shut. "We're giving Maddie a ride." Sarah stole her brother's orange juice and finished it, placing the glass in the sink before tossing her apple core into the trash.

Jason rolled his eyes at his sister. "I was sitting right here while you talked to her. I kinda figured we were giving her a ride."

Sarah stuck her tongue out at Jason as she gathered up her bag and shoes. Following her brother through the quiet house, Sarah sighed at the thought of another year of high school. "Do you think that Tanner finally pissed off his parents enough that they sent him to boarding school?"

Jason turned and grinned at Sarah. "I highly doubt you got that lucky."

"You find my misery humorous, don't you?" Shaking her head sadly, Sarah looked at her brother. "Where's the love?"

"You do know that you ask for it, right?" Jason laughed at the look of mock surprise that crossed Sarah's face.

"I do not!" She gasped, placing her hand dramatically on her chest. "I have been nothing but a sweet angel to that poor boy and you see how he treats me."

"Right." Jason nodded his head. "I suppose the time that you placed a snake in his backpack was just you being sweet."

"Of course. I found this awesome creature and I just wanted to share it. How was I supposed to know that he was afraid of snakes?"

"Maybe because he had just got done confessing that he hated snakes." A male voice joined their conversation as the Hardinway twins entered the garage that was attached to the house.

"Brendan!" Sarah squealed, running towards the open side door and launching herself into the arms of the dark haired boy.

"Miss me?" Brendan laughed as he hugged Sarah.

"The summer was boring without you around." Sarah pouted as she linked her arms with his and walked back to where Jason was waiting for them.

"How's it going Sinclair?" Jason pulled Brendan into a man hug. "Did you have fun in Australia?"

"Sure did. The waves were awesome!"

"I still don't see why you had to go all the way to Australia to surf. We live right next to the ocean." Sarah opened the back door to her brother's Range Rover and threw her shoes and bag on to the seat.

"It's not like I had a choice." Brendan laughed. "My family dragged me over there."

"Fine!" Sarah sighed. "We had better hurry our asses up. I told Maddie we would be there in ten and that was fifteen minutes ago." She exclaimed, glancing at her watch. Jason climbed into the driver seat, while Sarah climbed into the back, leaving the front seat for Brendan.

"Do we have to listen to this?" Sarah complained as soon as Jason started the car and the sounds of Eminem filled the car.

"It's my car; therefore I decide what we listen to." Jason answered automatically. The twins had this argument every time they got into a car together. Jason liked listening to rap and hip hop while Sarah preferred to listen to rock and alternative music. "Besides this is the same type of music you have to listen to when you go to the club."

"I know but I still don't like it." Sarah folded her arms across her chest pretending to pout.

"Sometime I wonder how the two of you can be related. Other than your looks, you are nothing alike." Brendan shook his head at the bickering siblings.

"But you love us anyway don't you?" Sarah grinned, moving so that her chin was resting on the back of Brendan's seat. She wrapped her arms around the seat so she could give him a hug.

"Of course I do. How could I not. Besides if I were ever to change my mind I would have to move out of the country." Brendan placed his hands on Sarah's arms that were wrapped around his chest.

"Why?" Jason glanced at him strangely.

"Because your sister knows everything about me and would probably have way too much fun extracting revenge on me."

"Whatever!" Sarah sat back indignantly. "I am a perfect angel, I tell you. I would never extract revenge on anyone!"

"Sure, whatever you say." Brendan looked at Jason and they both rolled their eyes.

"Hey! I saw that."

"You know we're right, so why are you making a fuss?" Jason grinned at his sister in the rear view mirror.

"Yeah, yeah." Sarah waved her hand at him dismissively as they pulled into Maddie's driveway.