"There you are." Sarah sat down in Brendan's lap, giving him a quick kiss. "I thought you were going to come find me when you got here."

"I was on my way, babe, I promise." Brendan pulled Sarah's head back down so he could kiss her more thoroughly.

"Ewww…" Jason threw a pillow at the couple. "Get a room or something."

"Mmmm…" Sarah raised her head. "I think we're in one and it works for me. How about you?" Sarah grinned down at Brendan.

Brendan looked around pretending to evaluate Jason's room. "I'm not too sure about the décor but I think that we could make it work."

Jason shook his head. "The two of you have been dating for five months now; shouldn't you be out of this honeymoon stage?"

"You and Amy have been dating a lot longer and you guys could rival us for ickyness." Sarah pointed out.

"Shut up." Jason threw another pillow at his sister. "Did you get them?"

Sarah sighed and pulled out two backstage passes. "You owe me big for these."

"Thanks!" Jason grabbed the passes from Sarah. "Amy is going to be thrilled."

"She had better." Sarah grumbled. "I worked hard to get them."

Jason laughed at the disgruntled look on his sister's face. "I'm sure you did. Dialing a number and flirting a little always was tiring work for you."

"It was harder than that!" Sarah protested. "I had to drive down to the radio station and pick them up too."

Brendan shook his head at his girlfriend. "I still don't know how you do it. You can get into and backstage at any concert that happens to come through the area. I heard that those passes to Danse Macabre were one of the hottest items on eBay right now."

"What can I say?" Sarah gave a tiny shrug. "People love me and they love to help me out."

"Come my humble girl; let's get out of Jason's hair so he can impart the good news to his woman." Brendan stood up holding Sarah in his arms so he didn't dump her on the floor.

"Alright. I need help picking out an outfit for the concert anyway." Sarah wrapped her arms around Brendan's waist as they made their way down the hall to her room.

"Can you believe we graduated?" Brendan sighed as he lay down on Sarah's unmade bed.

"I know." Sarah walked into her closet, speaking to Brendan over her shoulder. "It's been a long and rough year but I must say that in the end, it was all worth it."

"Totally." Brendan grinned. "Our small group has grown, we got rid of Tanner, you and Jason both got into Stanford and best of all, I finally get to be with the woman that I love."

Sarah's head reemerged from her closet. "And tonight we get to cap it all off with the Danse Macabre concert."

"The best way to end the school year." Brendan agreed as Sarah drug him into the closet to help her decide what to wear.

"Is she here?"

Tanner started in surprise at the question. Turning away from the curtain he had been peeking through he came face to face with his friend and band mate, Jeff.

"Is who here?"

Jeff shook his head at Tanner's attempt to play it cool. "Don't play dumb with me man. The rest of the band may not have figured it out but I know you better. The girl that you wrote that song for had to be from your home town and since we are in said town, I just figured…" He trailed off at the end with a shrug.

Sighing, Tanner turned back towards the curtain that shielded them from the eager crowd but didn't part the folds so he could see through. "I half expected her to not show up."

"Why? I thought you said that Danse Macabre was her favorite band."

"They are." Tanner turned back towards Jeff who was obviously trying to act uninterested in seeing the girl that he had heard so much about. "But we didn't exactly part on the best of terms and I'm pretty sure that if she never saw me again it would be too soon for her."

"Dude." Jeff shook his head. "You don't know that. Besides, she's here isn't she?"

"Yeah, she's here." Tanner murmured more to himself than Jeff.


"Well what?" Tanner looked at Jeff strangely.

"Are you going to point her out to me or not?"

Tanner grinned at Jeff motioning for him to step closer to the curtain but before they could look through they heard a voice calling their names.

"Where the hell have you two been?" Caleb, one of their other band mates, skidded to a stop next to them. "We're on in a couple of minutes."

When Jeff and Tanner didn't move right away he let out a strangled sound that was a cross between a sigh and a growl. "Let's go." When they still didn't move fast enough for him he snapped, "Now!"

"Fine." Tanner sighed, throwing one last longing glance at the curtain before turning and following his band mates over to where the others were waiting for them.

"Tell me again how you were able to upgrade all of our seats to such kick ass ones?" Madison screamed over the loud music that was pulsating through the arena. As Sarah opened her mouth to answer, Madison quickly shook her head. "Never mind. I pretty sure I don't want to know."

Sarah grinned at her best friend before turning her attention back to the local band that had been chosen as the opening act. As their set came to a close, she let out a loud scream before turning to Brendan. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she leaned over so she could press her lips against his ear.

"Do you want to leave until after Pedestrian Street is done?"

Brendan, his heart swelling at the thoughtfulness of his girlfriend, grinned down at her. "Naw." He shook his head. "I'm the one that ended up with you in the end so that's all that matters."

Sarah looked at Brendan strangely. "You do know that the whole Halloween date thingy was just for pretend right?"

Brendan just smiled. "You keep telling yourself that."

Sarah didn't have time to really think about what Brendan had said as Pedestrian Street hit the stage to a loud cheer.

At first everyone in the group was uncomfortable. With all the past history between Tanner and the original four, no one was sure if they should actually enjoy, let alone lend their support to his band. As the band played though, the music began to speak to them and they couldn't help but get into it. The entire section let out a loud cheer as the band finished their performance with their first single, the song that Tanner had played for Sarah those many months ago.

Knowing that there would be a significantly longer break between Pedestrian Street and Controlled Riot, Brendan asked Sarah if she wanted anything from the concession stand. After thinking about it for a minute she declined but she did want to go use the restroom before the last two bands took the stage.

Hands clasped firmly together the couple headed out of the main area of the arena and into the frenzy of people who were milling around outside.

"I'll meet you back here." Brendan leaned down so that Sarah could hear him and pointed to a spot along the wall that was out of the way.

Sarah looked to see where he was indicating before nodding up at him with a grin. They split up, each headed to their respective lines.

Sarah was able to finish before Brendan so she made her way through the crowed. With a sigh, she let her head fall back against the cool wall. A slight smile on her lips, her eyes drifted shut as she listened to the hustle and bustle around her.

With the high of a successful show running through their veins the band members of Pedestrian Street made quick work of changing out of their sweaty stage attire and into clean, dry clothes.

"You gonna go watch the rest of the show from the arena floor?" Jeff asked Tanner as he and the others made their way towards the door of their dressing room.

"Why not?" Tanner shrugged. "You never know maybe I'll even run into an old friend."

"That's the spirit." Jeff smiled as he slapped him on the back. "It ain't over until the fat lady sings and I'm pretty sure Arianna isn't singing tonight."

"I heard that." A pretty dark haired woman stuck her head into the room. "And just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I'm fat."

"My darling Arianna, you are beautiful no matter what size you are." Jeff offered her a small bow. "And let me be the first to tell you, if that good for nothing husband of yours ever treats you wrong, I will be waiting with open arms."

Arianna laughed. "Can you say that you're the first to tell me if you've been saying it since we met?"

"Who knows?" Jeff shook his head in confusion. "But none the less it remains true."

"I'll keep that in mind." Arianna left them with an amused smile flitting on her lips.

"So dude, since my one true love insists on staying with the husband she loves, shall we see if we can find yours?"

Tanner couldn't help but smile at Jeff's antics as they walked down the hall. Upon reaching the area that was curtained off, separating the bands from the public, Tanner was shocked to see Sarah through the crack of the curtain standing against the wall with her head back and eyes closed.

Flinging his arm out, Tanner practically clotheslined Jeff.

"Dude! What the hell?" Jeff rubbed his chest where Tanner had hit him.

Pointing he said softly, "That's her."

Jeff looked over towards where Tanner had indicated. Smiling he slapped Tanner on the back as he slowly moved away. "She's gorgeous. Now go talk to her."

Tanner watched Jeff disappear into the crowd before turning his attention back to Sarah. Taking a deep breath he tried to muster up the courage to approach her. Just as he was getting ready to walk over to her, he saw Brendan making his way towards her.

"The lines were crazy long." Brendan leaned down to kiss Sarah. "You ready to head back in?"

Sarah nodded happily as she wrapped her arm around his waist, her head going to his shoulder.

Tanner stood stunned where he was as he watched the happy couple walk off. Once they disappeared into the crowd, he snapped out of his trance.

"Well I guess that settles that." He muttered to himself, his heart heavy. Feeling a sense of loss, he decided to forgo watching the rest of the show and made his way quietly out of the arena and towards the empty bus.


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