Our Thoughts make us who we are

and what we bring in

what we do

who we love

what we hate

what we see

we create

the simple things

are just what we think are simple

if we think everything works

and everything is simple

it will be so

nothing is complex

unless you think it is

nothing is useless

unless you say it is

the feelings we have

are what we create

by the thinking and actions we also create

by thinking of good

we create good

by thinking of bad

we create bad

if you want to change the world

change the way you think of it

the way you look at it

the way you see it

everyone has the key to open the door

all you need to do is look at it the same way

and it will open for you

everything you hate

you will pull in more hate

everything you love

you will create more love

your life can be good or bad

how you think is what matters

if you think you cannot, then you wont

if you think you can, you will

if you think it;s possable, it will happen

if you want to be healthy, say you are

say you always will be and dont say otherwise

if you want to be wealthy, say you are, and shall be

life is what we make it, if we paint the picture

then it's what we painted

if you paint what you want within your mind

you will get exactly that

if you paint what you dont want or cannot have

then thats what you will get

we all have the power

to change for the better

and it's as simple as the changing the way we think about everything

so think about good

think about what you want

say it will happen

say it already has

say it and picture it within your mind

and it will come true

life is what we make it, we all choose a path.

those that want the best life possable, think that way and it exists for those.

those that dont think that way then the bad and the worst life is possable

dont say I dont want

cuz what you dont want, you get

dont say you cannot

cuz if you do you wont

focus on your dreams, your goals, your future, YOU.

and you will get what you WANT.